Kayleen (Part 2)  

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Kayleen (Part 2)

Since Kayleen's first encounter, her day offs were never the same again.

Even her working days were not the same.

She was still that career-minded capable prudish woman at work, in front of her colleagues, few friends and family.

But she was a different person at times.

On Friday nights, she would find herself at pubs or discotheques.

On day offs, she would be romatacising clients who hungered for her. She left the goody-two-shoes alone. SHe still respected moral men... she still respected marriage and family.

At pubs and discos, she would be dressed in thin tights top and bottom. or wearing loose tranlucent dresses that only successfully covered were her legs joined. Thongs were in and bras were out.

Dressed in a blue sparkling dress, she danced the night away. Any man who come up to her need not keep his hands to himself. She allowed men to touch her, hold her, hug her, dirty dance with her.

Most men came and reached up her skirt a little and held her bottoms as they boogied. Some rubbed their thighs against her crotch.

Man after man, hr after hr. The night was still young.

WHen she got a little tipsy, some came back to hold her boobs and crotch from behind while dancing. As they danced, they fingered her under her thongs in the cover of her dress and she didnt stop them. They had fun.

By now, a group of man friends have been observing her quite a while... like a few fridays. Today, they danced their way to her and finally crowded around her. They took turns to dance with her. Now, there is no way others could see her and what they were doing with her.

They slid their entire arms up her dress and felt her slim, smooth body. SHe had no idea how many hands went up... she couldnt even count the number of faces around her. She just got wet.

Hands sliding here and sliding there, countless fingers in and out. They were so pressed on her that she was hardly dancing... no space for her to shake her butts. In no time, she was pushed against a guy who was leaning against the wall.

The group was big and continued dancing around her while she felt she was bolted down with strong arms holding her hips... someone was ready for entry.

In the mess, she had not realised that her thongs were untied and in the pocket of one guy.

As soon as she noticed her missing thongs, a gun was up in her pussy. SHe was no longer bolted in one position... but was violent shaken back and forth. Being an asian, she was way hidden from the public among these crazy dancing bunch of men surrounding her... and one pounding her.

Although not a virgin, she wasnt planning to get here. Although she came to have "fun", she didn't plan to have dicks.

It was too late for regrets.

What was this guy? A machine? His arms were like robot arms plunging her body back and forth. Kayleen's hair shook so wildly in all directions that obviously meant she was being violated but no one noticed. Every head was too bz shaking themselves to notice the difference.

With all that prior molestation, she was wet enough for him to slide in and out easily.

At times, she felt that her toes were not even touching the ground.

SHe plied at his fingers but it was as if they were permanent fixtures around her hips. While busy plying at his fingers, an accomplice pulled Kayleen's dress down her shoulders, exposing her dangling, shaking boobs. They cheered so loud without drawing any attention.

A few feet away, a lone man was drinking quielty by the bar... catching glimpses of dolly Kayleen whenever the men around her moved.

ONce done, I was released and they cheered my on like a hero.

IN shock, I toddled to the ladies. There in the dark and quieter narrow corridor to the ladies, the lone drinker blocked Kayleen's path, grabbed her arms and pinned her to the wall.

"Oh, please, no."


Her right leg was lifted up and she was penetrated again.

HOlding on to her neck and lifted leg, the lone drinker taught Kayleen some lessons.

With each slow, push and pull, came one sentence...

in... Never dress so nice, girl.
out... Don't let men touch you.
in... Don't let them enter you.
out... Be a good girl.
in... Stay home.
out... watch a movie.
in... dont strut ur stuff
out... it turns guys like me on
in... and the only way to turn me off
out... is to do this.
in... do you understand?

And he gave her a kiss on the lips.
Stared into her face.
ANd began his moves again. IN and out.
He was gentle.
But it meant that he was taking his time... extending his time of pleasure.

They moved deeper and deeper down the corridor till it was door to an office.

He opened the door and immediately, Kayleen fell onto a sofa just beside the door.

The door was closed and locked behind him...

He turned her donw on her 4s on the floor.
Entered like a dog.
Pulled both her arms back toward him and moved in and out slowly.

There was no escape for Kayleen, not even the chance to struggle. She wanted it to be over quick... like the machine man out there.

But this man took an eternity and never seemed to grow soft. Kayleen guessed that he kept himself hard by talking dirty.

He recited all the things the men have done to Kayleen the whole night like poems. He observed her the whole night. Her dressing caught his attention the moment she entered... like cinderella arriving at the ball.

He even described the look on her face... on every man's face. He described her sexy body in detail. That shiny butt peeping out occasionally when her dress moved... and hands explored.

He flipped Kay back onto the low and cosy sofa and kneeled in between her legs and entred again.

NOw, he recited the machine poem. He saw the whoel thing.

Men crammed around me and slowly ushered me to the wall.

As he described Kayleen being jolted senseless, his breathing quickened and his pace increased.

Kayleen was shaking once again the way she was shaken out there again as if fucking a wall.

Lone drinker leaned forward and removed her dress.

Her boobs wobbled... her neck... perfect... her face... tears of shock....

At the sight of the tears, he became so large and strong. HOlding her shoulders, he pulled Kayleen toward him with each bang.

bang bang bang slap slap bang slap... these were the sounds that Kayleen heard. He voice came out as little squeaks at each bang and that turned him so on.

He was on a single mission now... banging Kayleen. bang slap bang... the slaps were wet ones... and it made him want more. He made sure the slaps kept coming.

Kayleen was knocked senseless indeed. Eyes still open but body was limp. NO sound. no breathing... just wobbling flesh that made the most arousing banging and slapping sounds.

Well, that night didnot stop Kayleen from visiting discos.

Although she never went around asking for sex and she never got every week, she had her fair share of getting touched and going home all wet and horny. SHe does nothing to release her horniness... SHe surpresses it and just waits to be again.

rm_kenny36sg 43M
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6/23/2006 3:36 am

OMG... it really make me hard like rod.... keep writing....

eternal1969 46M
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6/23/2006 9:34 pm

That reminded me of a friend of mine who practically made out on the dance floor at a pub in Mohd Sultan a couple of years ago. It was one of those smaller joints near Page 1 and she was dancing with 5 of us guys with her in the centre. I guess we we were all a little tipsy and played along with her when she teased us. Hmmm I remember her being stripped of her thongs and her taking off her bra and throwing it to one of my friends as we were dancing to Mambo No.5
I don't know if the other pubbers knew but we didn't really care. It was interesting thinking back at the picture of her kissing with one guy and her hands in his pants, while another guy is hugging her from behind and playing with her tits and yet another guy fingering her from the side. Later that night she spent the night with one of my friends We were probably relatively too goody two shoes then else it would have probably ended in an orgy Haha... the things we do when we are young

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6/25/2006 10:11 am

hi dear,,, today u didn't post up any new story... i miss it very much....

rm_kenny36sg 43M
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6/25/2006 10:12 am

oohh... do u wish to be a gal in this story... r u?????????

nottycara 36F

7/12/2006 11:11 pm

Very horny one
Nice. Got cara naughty again

rm_kenny36sg 43M
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7/15/2006 6:54 pm

how naughty is cara... hehe

chocolatcreme 104F
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7/21/2006 11:22 am

Nice kinky with hint of saddness.

Wonder if a male version would be kinky as well.

"A gal pin the man down, spread eagle.. He can't breathe at times but he can't help himself being enslaved by muff. Another gal sat on his stomach, bent forward and took him in the mouth, while a third gal stuff something up his ..." I wonder ...

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