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It was a lonely, lonely night out.

After a week long of work meetings at Bankok, I just had to take a trip down to Phuket to unwind.

It was a 3-day break before returning home to the usual routines of life.

First thing to do was to... catch up on SLEEP! Haha!

Then evening came. THe buzz out on the streets began to liven up. I had dinner alone at a seafood restaurant. THen took an evening stroll down queiter allies that sold interesting things.

A flowy dress caught my attention. I bought it.

The next night, I strolled down busy streets in my new dress.

It was silky and practically transparents. It didnt look like I was wearing a dress. It looked like I had beautiful dark red flowery fabric cleverly (not) covering the right places. It came with inner-wear that cleverly hides my intimate places with the right tint of colour. But i did not wear them.

Crazy? Nah... I was bored of working my ass of and not being noticed. WIth all the colourful chracters at Phuket, I had to be REALLY different to get attention.

I sashayed down the busiest road I could find... 1 strip of cloth...hung on my neck... flowing down past my nipples and crossing at my navel... and tied in a loose knot at the crack of my butts. bare backed.

Below my waist was something like a flowy translucent kinky skirt that was actually shorts with lots of fabric.

The night breeze blew from the front, from the side, from the back. As I walked, my dressed went with the wind....

I felt so carefree... the wind caressed my body as if I had nothing on. The fabric was so light.

I enjoyed making heads turn. From the corner of my eye, i noticed a charming man in his 40s follwoing and watching me. Must be a lonely businessman too. I enjoyed his stalking.

As more and more people turned drunk, i decided to return to my hotel.

I think that charming man must have guessed that I was returning to rest and quickly approached me to ask if he could walk me back since I had to go through rather deserted lanes back to my cheapo hotel.

It was a 30min walk.

SO we strolled and whispered flirtily yet shyly.

"you have real nice bums"
"and a nice smooth slender back"
"and you are one charming man for ur age"
"u legs are so long and slender... i like long legs"

He practically described every part of my body to me... telling me what he liked about my hair and down to my toe. He was really naughty. The whole time, he had his hands in his trouser pockets. ONly his eyes ventured.

He began asking questions like if I was alone, on business trip, attached, etc...

I was charmed and answered everything honestly. And he told me how attracted he was to my looks.

It was all flatter talk.

As we neared my hotel by a few more minutes, flirty talk became dirty talk.

After a long pause somewhere, he took a deep breath and said...

"you wanna spread your legs for me"

I kept my eyes ahead and remained silent. heart beating really fast. mind racing as to how to handle this situation.

"i wanna tie you up and squeeze your breasts and make u cry."

We could practically hear each other;s heartbeats.

IN the hotel lift, he stood behind me and tilted his hip to let me feel his harness with my butt.

we arrived and i took my keys at the counter. then took the lift.

When we stepped out of the lift, he pulled me into the stairwell beside the lift, pushed me against the wall and kissed me passionately on the lips as he slid my sash off my body.

As he kissed, he took the sash that was around my neck and tied my hands behind me real tight.

With my hands tied, his hands came to the front and squeezed till I was whimpering.

He fingered me wet as he squeezed my butts with the other hand... while he sucked on my breasts.

I looked down at this stranger fondling with my body. I wanted to run, yet i didnt want to run. it felt so good.

He slid my shorts down to my ankles, gathered the loose fabric and tied a knot so that my ankles were tight together.

He lifted me and headed for my room.

He threw me on my bed and headed for the bathroom. I heard the shower. In a few moments, he was back out... fresh and naked and still erect.

"little slut" he gave me a slap across my face, pulled me up in sitting position as he kneeled over me and shoved his penis into my face. He violated my face for a good few minutes.

"little bitch" he threw me face flat on the bed, then pulled at my feet so that im kneeling on the floor with my face still on the bed. he entered and began shoving his hardness into me.

"aargh... uurrgghh... stop... no... i cant take it anymore... no...mmmppphh" i was crying for him to have mercy but he showed none.

He shoved so hard that my upper body was pratically bouncing on the bed.

I could not even struggle myself free with my hands and legs bound so tight.

He rested a little. As he rested, his hands slid across my butts, my back, my shoulders, lifted me upright and caressed my breasts as he kissed my neck.

He pulled me back onto the bed and pried my knees apart.

He stared into my crotch as he opened the lips and slid his fingers down and up. his face was so close i could feel his breathing on my pussy.

He looked around, went to the bathroom and camp back with a toothbrush. he slid it into me. he found a pencil... and slid the back end of it into me with the toothbrush still there. he went back to the bathroom, got the 2nd toothbrush and did the same. He didnt seem satisfied. he search his pockets, emptied a small plastic bag, scrunched it up and push it up my pussy alonside the toothbrushes and pencils.

I was whimpering in humiliation. i didnt want to look at what he was doing.

he put my legs back together, laid on me and kissed me every so lovingly... from my lips, he kissed my neck... then my breasts... then my tummy and then my clit... above all those things he stuffed into me.

as he licked my clit, he began sliding the objects in and out. the plastic bag made a sickening sound. he did that a long time as he stared.

it seemed he was finally satisfied, he took everything out and untied my legs.

He rested my calfs on his shoulder and penetrated me.

He was so huge and long that rocked so hard that my whole body went limp. my legs rolled off his shoulder and hung lose along his arms as he rocked.

from groans, to cries... i finally became silent... eyes staring aimlessly at the ceiling... the ceiling rocked.

When he cummmed, i jerked and let out the loudest cry.

He dressed up. Kissed me goodbye and left.

rm_wethotcock3 53M

7/24/2006 9:57 am

great story wish i was that lucky guy.you sound great.

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7/25/2006 3:43 am

im glad you enjoyed it, coz i really did

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