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8/1/2006 6:40 pm

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To often two friend's will have this conversation.
One say'es a new girl/guy is moving in,the other say'es
what does she/he look like? then the first say'es,
She/he, must have a great personality,because she's/he's
not much to look at.

Very wrong, very sad.
our gene's,childhood,lifestye's,stress,and health issue's.
Can leave a mark on all of us.but it can also create a
work of art on the inside.I must say that the greatest
truth I have ever found.Is that you can't judge a book,
by it's cover.And those who do that,wonder why they
miss all the best story's

Untill you see the person in side shine through,that
crumpled,fade'ed,photo we call our have'nt
truely seen that person.

rm_dimples565 67F
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8/1/2006 7:25 pm

You are so right in what you said.

It made me think of this wise saying:

I may be different than you, but that doesn't make me bad.
When you tease and make fun of me, it makes me very sad.
I may not be as smart, or as attractive as you.
But I am still human, and my heart can break in two.
I have special things about me; I think you would agree,
If instead of laughing, you would take the time to see.
Moral: Don't judge others. We all have flaws or imperfections.

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TnWitchyWoman 56F
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8/8/2006 10:04 am

I once had an incredible love. His name was Dave. He was kind of "scary" with his 6'4" stature and biker looks. He was often judged for that before people ever got to know him (and I know it bothered him sometimes). Their loss. Kindest heart I've ever known. I'm glad I'm a person who reads the entire book before making a judgment. I would have missed out on so much otherwise.

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