Male Liberation Part II  

jupitercarlos 38M
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4/20/2006 3:04 am
Male Liberation Part II

Homophobia runs rampant among us so-called Heterosexual males. As a rule it has been during our years of socialization that anything feminine or uniquely ambiguous has been seen as weak or gay, compared to a more masculine counterpart. We played smear the queer in middle school without a care in the world. Not truly understanding sexuality at all. Good Christian Red-Blooded American Males are taught to be tough, aggressive, strong and fuck till our hearts content.
Is it the fear that homosexuals can be the same but like to kiss boys? I think it is weird how porno-lesbianism is cool but tom-boy women are dikes. Is it the fear that homosexuals will start acting like us heterosexuals? You know put drugs in our drinks to take advantage. Travel around in packs and hit on otherwise straight guys by yelling mostly rude suggestive comments. Show up at parties in mass, corner an unsuspecting heterosexual guy and hit on him incessantly to he has to leave.
I doubt that day will ever come because homosexuality is a minority and most males in this country who are homosexual don’t want everybody to know. Insecure about how they will be treated by heterosexual friends, co-workers and family. Rightfully warranted level of cautiousness caused by the extent of hatred and fear proven by the last election being driven by several state referendums on the ballot to ban homosexual marriage. (For a brown man, I am personally insulted by any group of people in this country being denied their rights).
Nevertheless, I choose not to fear. I choose not to get angry if I am hit on by a gay man. It has happened. It has happened even on this website. I’ve had friends hit on me. It has happened late night at I.H.O.P. Sexuality is something as a species, we haven’t quite figured out. I know there is one-thing I know for certain; when I was in the seventh grade and I reached down to pick up a pencil I looked over and saw the legs of a classmate. She was wearing stockings it made her legs look smooth and long all the way up to her. . . I didn’t linger. I noticed her perfume and knew that she was what I wanted. I have been chasing after the female of our species ever since.
I know homosexuality like all sexuality is complex and dynamic without any cut or dry reason to how it came to be. I like to believe that really it is the heterosexual majority that has to redefine the masculine and maleness in our modern society. I don’t know any sane man that would go up to man after serving 15 years for homicide and call him a “fag”. It is clear one of the strongest fighting forces in the history of combat, from the city-state of Sparta, women were for procreation and marriage but you fucked your brother in arms. I know that is a far cry from our current military policy.
I just know that a better society is one where men and women can choose their sexuality and as long as it is with adults, have at it. Male Liberation.

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