On the road to healing  

junglejim47172 56M
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4/6/2006 12:01 pm
On the road to healing

My week end was great. Got in some long over due sex and some much needed cuddle time. I didn't realize how badly I needed just plain old TLC. Someone to hold on to in my fears. I guess going in for my second major surgery in two and a half months weighed on my mind a lot worse than I new.

Enough of that. The doctor said it takes as long as six months for bone grafts to heal completely. So right now I'm missing a vertabrea in my lumbar and neck amd have to wait for the fusion process to complete. At least it does get stronger as time passes, but for the next two weeks I can't even ride let alone drive to go anywhere or do any thing.

My life has really been turned on end since the accident just over two years ago. No settlement until after I've healed to see if there is any permanent damage (most likely to some degree). No income. Getting divorced. No home to live in now. Quite a fall from $80k a year.

Many times people wish for a blank slate. In a way I guess I'm getting one...not on my terms but, a blank slate to start over with anyway. I wonder, in a year from now, when I come back and read this if it will seem trivial or if my life will be turning back toward....sunny skies, fun, and affection. It has to start going up sometime and I'm sure that's around the corner.

For now, during the surgery, they pinched (I hope they didn't nick) some nerves. My left hand has been pretty much asleep since the Op and my right index and thumb. My face is still numb from the surgery (I hope again) and I'm very week. My arms feel like they're weighted down.

That's all for now. Need to lay down and take the weight off my neck and my lower back now that I have two places healing. It will be very hard for me if I don't get to do the things I love....living life to the fullest.

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