Getting my shit together  

junglejim47172 56M
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2/4/2006 9:33 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Getting my shit together

Well it's been a while. I found out last week my back was broke in an auto accident two years ago, so the pain wasn't me being a wuss(?). I had spinal surgery last Friday (1-27-06) and already feel better and have a brighter outlook for my future. Before surgery I couldn't see past the pain (for now obvious reasons) and I could hardly envision what the future could mean for me.


I can see it now it's not going to be a ball of constant pain! You should've seen my doctors eyes when he looked at the new extreme pose X-rays. I think that he, like most everyone else, thought I was exaggerating the amount of pain....

Oh yeah. Have I mentioned I ramble.

Any way, I'm happy for the first time in years. I sincerely apologize for the bitching and wining from before my surgery.

For instance this is one of my Asian Lilly's from my front yard. I love gardening and have flowers in my yard from March till the first hard freeze October/November. I like to watch the birds and animals that come in my yard. I haven't been able to swim for a couple years but I would still go out and watch my daughter have fun. I have a Mimosa tree that hangs over the privacy fence around the pool. The pink feathery flowers are very fragrant and I was over enjoying them, when I saw something zip by....a male humming bird, It ended up no more than three feet from me. And I was to drugged up for pain to think, duh, go get the camera. Oh well. This year I won't have that problem (at least not 24/7).

Again thanks for the patients, but my back is starting to hurt sitting here.

Love y'all Jim.

bbwsingleblonde 56F

2/5/2006 9:02 pm

Just wanted to say HI and glad you found out why you were in pain..feels good to no be in pain i am sure. Keep smiling and looking ahead.

junglejim47172 56M

2/11/2006 2:04 am

Hello BBWsingleblonde. It's a huge relief to have proof the pain was real.

I see your in Jeff, I live up in Sellersburg. There's a meet and greet for us locals coming up in April (14th or 15th). If your interested follow the yellow brick road to Groups > Local Groups > United States Groups > Indiana Groups > Southern Indiana Groups > Southeastern Indiana Groups > discrete locals > How about a Meet and Greet It's a safe way to meet with out worries.

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