A long over do check in.  

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9/4/2006 10:29 am
A long over do check in.

My former went to Nashville Tenn. to visit her recently divorced sister (I think it runs in the family) so I came over here to watch my daughter.

Don't laugh to hard but I've moved back to my parents house. My mother is at the end of stage two altzimers and has trouble remembering dads name. It took her three weeks to remember who I was (not my name, that I was her son) and that I was living with them. Dad was staying very depressed trying to deal with her all by hisself. A family trait of ours is not being able to ask for help. He refuses to put her in a home until he just can't take care of her any more. Loyalty runs deeply in our family too. I don't know if my sence of humor comes across very well on here, but it has defenitly helped my mom and dad. Mentally she's getting down to about 5 or 6 yrs old and can't remember what happened 3 or 4 minutes before.

As for me. Same old same old. No setlement from the accident yet and I need another operatrion ( realy looking forward to that). I'm helping my "X" get her new to her house in better shape. I always took care of things before and now have to teach her what to do and what to look for. I miss you all more than you can know. I didn't realize how much you lifted my spirits with the silly jokes, friendly flirting, and different views on things. Don't get me wrong! I don't mope around. Just when I come on site it reminds me and I feel like a stranger.

My dad has been talking about doing things around his house for years. We just finished closing in a greenhouse. It about killed me but I was able to keep up with the 70 yr old bugger. (That's not a joke, my back.) Hell we must have worked... 4,5 hours a day. So a 8'X 14'stoage shed/greenhouse (two rooms) only took us three weeks. It still has to be painted and trimmed out. And the greenouse part needs insolation and wall board put in. Power still needs ran to the building (he's not sure about water yet... in a green house).

Any way I ramble as usual. I'm still dreaming of Paradise and hoping I get a big setlement. LOL Ok, enough is enough. I'll stop.

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