Blonde moments in the life of a Redhead  

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8/8/2005 7:24 pm

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Blonde moments in the life of a Redhead

Days like these are the ones that make me wonder, “How the hell did I ever get into grad school? And not flunk out?” It is simply amazing to me how I can be so smart and yet do some of the stupidest things in the world.

My all time stupid moment:

I was in high school and taking a health class. We were doing CPR in the class and we had been broken off into smaller groups so that we could practice on the dummies. My group got done first so we went back to our seats. Since the final was coming up, I decided to review my notes. I had gotten half way through and into the human sexuality section of my notes when the teacher stood up in front of the class and announced, “Ok, class, lets review.” She pointed to her sternum and asked, “Who can tell me the name of this bone on which you perform compressions during CPR?” Thinking this was an easy questions, I piped up and said, “Scrotum.” But, she didn’t seem to hear me. So, I repeated it in a bit louder voice, “Scrotum.” She continued to ask, “Does anyone know the name of this bone?” and was seemingly ignoring me. I could not understand why. “The scrotum. It’s the scrotum!” I said, a bit upset that she would not listen to me. Mercifully, someone else in the class finally spoke up and said, “Sternum.” To which, the teacher said, “Yes. It is the sternum.” Just then I thought, “oh yeah…sternum…..then, what’s the scro…….OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!” as I turned a bright red and sank into my seat.

Another example of my sheer brilliance happened just last year:

I lived in the basement of this house and had kitchen privileges. Since I did use the kitchen quite often, I of course, did my share of the dishes. One night, I loaded the dishwasher and discovered we were out of dish washer machine soap. Well, needing some of the dishes I had just loaded and not wanting to be doing dishes by hand, I decided that I could just use the hand dish washing soap since it was also meant to clean dishes. “What would be the harm?” I logically concluded as I poured the Dawn into the machine. And then I headed downstairs to my room to watch some t.v. Almost time for the washer to be complete, I went back upstairs and the kitchen was flooded with bubbles!!!!!!!! Not quite sure what to I waded through the bubbles and turned off the machine. I then proceeded to clean up the bubbles and left a note for my landlord that the washer was leaking. A couple of days later, my landlord met me in the kitchen and curiously asked, “What kind of soap did you use in the washer?” I told him the Dawn soap because we were out of the machine soap. “Why?” I asked. With a grin he explained to me that the machine was not leaking, but that using hand detergent will cause that. I felt stupid. “Oh, sorry,” I replied sheepishly. “It’s ok….the only reason I know that is because I did the same thing, also,” he said while laughing, and then he added, “Of course I was 12 when I did that….,” which did nothing to boost my feelings of stupidity.

Today’s blog is inspired by another brilliant which happened today:

As part of my responsibilities of being the Unit Manager (yes, they put me in charge) I get to make sure the house itself is safe and protected. This includes making sure the fire alarms are operational. Part of my checklist calls for ensuring the back up batteries on the alarm system itself works. The person who had my job before me left written instructions on how to do this, which I found today. So, I decided to try out the written instructions which listed that I should unplug the batteries from the back boards and see what the panel says. I unplugged one battery and the panel read, “Lo Batt,” which is the proper response. That meant that this battery was fine. I moved onto the second battery which did not plug, per say, but had wires that were pinched by screws. I managed to unscrew the screws and remove the wires. The panel reflected that nothing was wrong. “Must be a problem then,” I thought as I attempted to screw the wires back in. Then, there was a sudden burst of sparks! “Whoops…..” I thought as I noticed lots of little lights were blinking. I immediately called the alarm company. One of the technicians called back and did not seem amused by my report of events. He came over to inspect the panels and switches. He seemed rather perplexed as to why I would even try such a thing. He even asked who told me to do this. I tried to explain that it was something the person in my job did before I was there and that I was following instructions that were left behind. At that moment, I felt like such a stupid little girl. He informed me that I managed to fry one of the electrical boards for that panel and that it would have to be replaced. He also told me I was lucky that I was not seriously injured because what I had done was very dangerous. At that moment, I decided, “Yeah, it’s definitely a Monday, dammitt.”

And so now, I am left to ponder how I managed to make it to my 30th birthday and how I manage to keep my gpa above a 3.0. Excuse me now, as I go find a beer and watch some mindless t.v. *sigh……… I miss the “Anna Nicole Smith Show.” Just watching a few minutes of her and I fell much, much better about myself!

Thank-you for your time and attention to my tales of what happens when I don’t use all of my neurons.

Be good. Or, at least, be legal.


p.s. the picture is of my college graduation. no, i did not fake it, yes, I do have a degree.

PillsburyCodeBoy 60M

8/9/2005 1:27 pm

I don't trust anyone who claims never to have had a blonde moment.

LMAO! Very funny post.

tamethytension 54M
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8/13/2005 8:08 pm

Having only two, there is no comparison to what happens when a MAN fails to use all his neurons ... not much thinking going on without a synapse ... that's when our back up system located in the frons penis ...



tamethytension 54M
2320 posts
8/13/2005 8:09 pm

... takes over.

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