A bedtime story........  

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7/30/2005 12:03 pm

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A bedtime story........

So, here I sit…at my desk. It is 2:30 a.m. and I am reviewing my notes, again. Going through them carefully and noting what isn’t already burned in my memory. I have a mid-term in two days and I am stressed out over it. I am trying to do as my professor said, “Know everything.” Easy for her to say. Between my notes, the flash cards, and the texts there is a lot of details to know. And so here I sit, at my desk, trying to concentrate all the meanwhile I am trying to push back to thoughts of all the things I need to do besides study for this test. An oral report in another class, two papers to write up for a third class, grocery shopping, cleaning, and also I do need to do some laundry. And I also realize that I only had today as my only day off from work. “Dammitt,” I say as I slam the binder shut, prop my elbows up on my desk and rest my forehead in my hands. I would just simply go to bed and snuggle up to my already asleep lover but I am way too tense and restless. I am unable to relax enough to actually sleep.

As I sit there at my desk trying not to fall apart, my lover’s strong hands rest on my shoulders and start to gently massage them. He bends down and whispers, “miss you,” in my ear and kisses me on my cheek. I lift my head and lean back in my chair. I bitch about how hard this is and how stressed I am and so forth. As always, he tells me that he knows what a brilliant woman I am and that I will kick ass on this exam as he kisses me on my cheek a few times. Even sexier, he offers to do my laundry with his and clean up the house a bit while I am at work tomorrow. I tell him that’s one reason I like him so much; his willingness to do housework. I turn my head to him and thank him as we kiss. He then reminds me, as he does all the time, that I just need to relax a bit. “Let me help you with that,” he whispers in my ear.

He then steps to my side and swings my swivel chair to face him. He bends down to kiss me fully on the mouth while his hands reach down between my thighs. I place my hands on his face. He spreads my legs wide open as he kneels in front of me. My hands start running through his hair. Oh, just knowing what he wants to do to me always gets me so excited! I continue to kiss him as his hands reach behind to my ass to pull me to the edge of my chair. His hands work to pull off my pajama pants. I lean back and lift my hips as he pulls them down around my ass and all the way off! We are both smiling at each other with that certain look of “oh yeah!” Following his hands, his mouth trails deep kisses up my inner right thigh until he reaches my pussy. His arms wrap around me so that his hands have a firm grip on my ass. First, his tongue flickers at my clit. He teases my clit for a moment or two, already hearing me whimper a bit as my head falls back. He then places his whole mouth over my clit to suck and to play with, using his tongue more forcefully. My moans let him know that I am truly enjoying his skillful mouth and my hands have a tight grasp on the chair’s arms. He works at me with his mouth with more force and vigor, driving me wild. My moans are now screams of praises for his talent. As his mouth continues to assault my clit, he uses first one, then two fingers to insert into my vagina, in pursuit of my g-spot. “Oh, GOD!” I scream as he has successfully hit the proper spot. Only man in my lifetime to actually find it. He continues to skillfully work his mouth and fingers with uninhibited excitement. My screams are getting louder and wilder as I am driven deeper into the throws of ecstasy. Then, in one intense moment, every muscle in my body tightens up and releases taking me into the beautiful aftermath of an incredible orgasm making me limp. Yes, I am now relaxed.

He then trails kisses up my tummy, his arms releasing my hips. As he rises up from the floor, he picks me up on my feet. He deeply kisses me on my mouth, his arms wrapped around my waist. I wrap my arms around him and thank him for the incredible orgasm. He smiles very big and asks, “You think I’m done with you?” I smile very, very big!
Apparently he is not able to sleep either as he leads me to the bedroom by my hand...........

kaspar1962 55M

7/30/2005 2:25 pm

Damn good story. The only problem with fantasies is while they are great while ocurring, they make reality a little harder to live with when over. We may want to drive Ferrari's, but some of us have Miata's instead. At least I don't have a crapped out '79 Chevette.....so maybe reality isn't so bad after all!

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