dreams that linger...  

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11/28/2005 7:45 pm

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dreams that linger...

My dreams last night were of the wishful sort, filled with longing for something that will never be mine. Destined not to be mine from the very beginning, though I certainly challenged that as best as circumstances would allow. I've accepted that it will never be. That I am married and this is my place in this life. I can go days, now, and weeks even without succumbing to second guessing my choices and my committments in this life. But there are times when your subconscious breaks free from the confines of your common sense, and last night my dreams tortured and teased, leaving my mind fuddled and my heart filled with longing.

He was there in my dream, with us ... somewhere benign. A restaurant, many of us squished into a booth, three to each side. Part way through the meal I discovered his leg pressed meaningfully against mine beneath the table. A thousand words passed between us, unspoken. I miss you, his touch told me. I curled my ankle around his. A lover's embrace. I miss you, too.

It was as simple as that. Today I am empty, filled only with longing - that hollow, insubstantial stuff.

And in a chorus of irony, the song stuck in my head all day today ... the lines:

I still taste your kisses
Your voice sings in my ear...

AlbertPrince 57M

12/2/2005 1:00 am

You have curly ankles?

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