Secret of a bored married professional lady  

julienlee 48M/43F
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4/3/2005 5:49 am

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8/15/2006 1:55 am

Secret of a bored married professional lady

I want to meet nice men from overseas countries for discreet meeting, cultural conversations, artistic understanding but most of all, for the real hot sex because I never experienced real big one yet. I'd like to feel and understand what it is like to be with larger men with strong and thick penis.

ninja12 58M
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5/20/2005 4:50 pm

Well Julien, I would like to help you. Sex is fun and exciting with willing partners.
I'm interested in meeting up with you.
I'm clean, tall american guy and descrete. Write me.


rm_grappa4 57M

5/29/2005 2:23 am

As you know Julien I would love to meet you, just contact me and we will go from there.

Hope to here from you.


pinkfloydchoi 51M
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7/3/2005 5:00 am

Hi Julien,
I will be the most discreet person you will ever know. But you will have an ecstacy with three hours of non stop action. As a former wrestler, I normaly do it that way. Satisfaction guaranteed.

bigone9964 47M
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7/28/2005 5:16 pm

Well well if what you want is a big long hard one then look me up. I have no problem being discreet. Let me know.

FinnMan 42M

1/5/2006 4:34 am

I am very interrested. Being discreet is no problem and I am sure you not regret it.
Hope to hear from you.

rm_217lee 42M
4 posts
1/11/2006 9:25 pm


rm_weconst 57M
7 posts
8/17/2006 1:23 am

Hi sexy Julien,
I'm very hopeful can make with you.
I'm not too long but thick enough for giving you serval time,
Let me know more.

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