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juju34single 46F
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6/3/2005 12:31 pm

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Something off-topic...

It takes alot to get me mad, but my employer really takes the cake for it.

*tips hat to them, and the school district*

I drive school bus here, and yes I love my job.
I love driving a 37 foot long 26,000 pound yellow bus that looks like a stick of butter on wheels. (LO I prefer my cabover to a conventional (bus with a nose on it) and I am in my happy place when driving.

Well, this last year they had such severe budget cuts here, it didn't effect just the students and school faculty.

I had an activity route, which brought me an extra $220.00 a month, which when you are working part time with 2 small children, and can save daycare costs by bringing them with on the bus, it is nice not having to turn that extra money over in daycare.

Well, the budget cut fairy came, and activity routes got cut. Bye bye extra 220.

They also trashed 5 bus routes, which cut loose 5 good drivers. (keep in mind, it is rural here, and in the last 3 years, the population has done a 225% explosion.

With the 5 routes cut, they instituted a 1.4 mile walking radius around each school, and if you are within that radius, you walk, regardless if you are a freaking kindegartener.

Also now, keep this in mind.
There are 2 major highways that at least 35% of kids have to cross to get to their respective schools. It is HELL in winter. I know I wouldn't think of letting my Kindegartener walk to school. They see a playground, and forget about school, and would have to cross one of those highways. Most kindegarteners wouldn't remember to wait for the light to turn green...

Parents are in a bind, because if they commute, they are out on the way to work at about 6 am.
School starts around 8 am. I bet the local daycares are loving the extra business from parents that CAN'T stick around to drive their kids to school. (oh, they can opt to be paid riders, at 54.00 or more a month ...)

Then we have this coming school year, when the radius moves from 1.4 miles to a full 2 miles, making every child in town within the walking law. (it is a small town)

The school district also broke our pay contract. We didn't get our big fat whopping remaining percentage raise. 1%. Big fat damn deal. Stuck at last years wages. But the teachers lobbied for a 7.5% raise and got it.
I guess the bus drivers, who are responsible for the LIVES of the kids we haul aren't worth anything.

*turns rant button off*

The world is just messed up...priorities are not right.

CuteAZguy27 39M
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6/3/2005 4:09 pm

holy smokes juju ! The wild thing to me is even before this blog, yesterday i was looking in the paper for a part time job to help with the bills (i was working at a bookstore part time along with my full time job until the owners moved and closed the bookstore) and i came across a help wanted : and they wanted a school bus driver for next school season- i was like - rock on, that would be so cool, they had an online application and all that jazz (i yet to fill out)but it was on the back burner....and then i was reading this blog, and honestly i had no clue of the stress that passes through the school districts even to the bus drivers....Rant you must ! Do the parents have any say in issues that are being applied to the kids ? Has there been any parent-school meetings of this issue...or is it because of the settlement of the meetings these issues have been applied?.....Society today has to think about these kids...the school board should go the extra mile for them ! Not the other way around....(does this blog effect my yearning for what was in the paper...nope, just opened my eyes that much more)


juju34single 46F

6/3/2005 9:13 pm

Hey CuteAZguy!

It all fell from the fact that there was 3 issues put before the community in regards to money that was being proposed to be added to taxes.
They want to tear down 2 schools, and rebuild them at the other end of town, and no one thought it was feasable, because the schools are still very much useable. One is out of code to the point that it can't be added onto, but it isn't like it is falling apart.

Everything would have been well and good, had they incrimentally went on with the proposals, not slapping the whole issue on the table, saying they were going to build 80 million worth of schools when they claimed to be broke.

The amount cut from the transportation end alone was $300,000.
Keep in mind this is a rural town, not a suburb of a major city.

Stress form driving is nil for me though, alot of people say that my job would drive them nuts. lol It is the school district that drives me nuts. The kids are cool.
So far, I have seem kids that started in kindegarten now with the next coming school year are going into 4th grade. It is so cool and interesting watching them get older. My own kids, I don't notice it as much, because I am with them on a daily basis, and the growth isn't as noticible because I see it all the time.
With my kids, it is like I wake up, and all the sudden my oldest is 16. lol Man time flies.

There was parent/school meetings, but nothing was settled. The end result (what is happening) was the worst case scenario because the district didn't get to tack on all the taxes that they wanted to. So they are being assholes. The State of MN also lifted the Hazardous statutes in rehards to kids walking along the highway, and I think that was because the municipality asked them to, making it legal for kids to walk to school.
It is warped.

Plenty of parents are pissed because of this.
I lucked out, because I can transport my kids free because I drive a big yellow road rocket.

I do know that it takes a specific type of person to be a bus driver, and if you think you are, go for it!
It is a damn blast though. lol I love it. I get so much energy from the kids I drive.

I remember my first time on the bus as a driver, and all the past memories of intimidation spilled from my memory, because I realized just how BIG them things are. lmao
It wasn't as big as I remembered, but that is because I was a kid when I was on it last.
It was so damn cool though.

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