Part 4 -- Lost and Found to be Lost Again  

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Part 4 -- Lost and Found to be Lost Again

Raina had half a million thoughts flying through her mind, flying so fast she hadn't the time to grasp one to figure out what the hell was going on.
This is the real damn world...this kind of stuff only happens in movies! was the main thought running over and over in her mind.

She had tried to forcibly remove the ring from herself to the point of tearing the flesh that it was attached to.
It resulted in something that should not have happened.
The writhing script on the ring seemed to quicken and grow agitated as she started to bleed from the torn flesh, but then the blood withdrew back into her wound, which then promptly healed right then and there before her eyes.

"This isn't good..." she whispered to the four walls around her.

She halfheartedly finished the remaining objects that remained to be dated, and though she knew the results would all be the same. Age Undetermined
What was with the site this was dug from?
She flipped through the pages of the inventory reports, and saw that the place of origin was the Alaska.
The words now fell slowly from her lips.
If this was right, this could imply a whole lot than more than the scientific community would want to let go to the general public.
Alot of the artifacts had amazing and striking similarities to artifacts found from Ancent Egypt, Sumer and related civilizations.
But for these to be found in the Alaska, that would prove that there was a radical continental shift, but that was millions and millions of years ago. She touched lightly on the topic of a world continent in school, but couldn't remember much.
Now was a time she wished she would have paid more attention in class.
Her shift ended without any further events, and Ally was distracted by her dalliances with Tina, which was going to be continues this evening, so Raina's silence wasn't noticed as unusual, but her slight fidgeting with her finger was, but also went unnoticed.
They rolled to a stop in front of Raina's flat, and Raina got out, glad that it was Friday.
"Goodnight, Ally." Raina mumbled softly, feigning sleepiness.
She could see that Ally was halfway to where she was going before she got there, and she half smiled as she turned away.

Going up the stairs that she stumbled down earlier that morning, she was amazed at how much things could change in the span of a day. Shedding her shoes, and shirt, she walked half nude through her apartment, going first to the kitchen to get her frozen dinner out to thaw, then to the bathroom, to get her bath ready. Going back into the living room to retrieve her shirt, she then made her way into her bedroom, to shed the rest of her clothing. She turned toward the door, and caught sight of herself in the full length mirror behind her door. She saw her long hair almost teased her partially erect nipples, her breasts stood proud and firm, her tummy was taut and toned, slender hips, and well defined legs.
Suddenly she remembered her bath, and went to check the tub, and turned off the water.
Getting a towel from the closet, she went back to the tub which was full of nice towering bubbles, and eased herself in.
She felt the water caress her body, like one big hand, engulfing her in soothing heat and instant relaxation.
She closed her eyes, and fell into a semi-trance, every inch of her body one big sensation as she seemed to leave what she had known as herself for her whole life. Sound softly enveloped her, and drew her senses...elsewhere.


Eyes snapped open within himself, and he split into two again, leaving his long sleeping body.
He could sense her coming, but her energy should not be as strong as it was. Her presence on the way was as palpable as anything material he had come into contact with when he was within his body.

An incorporeal form began to form off in the far side of the dome he inhabited, wispy and undefined but slowly pulling together in the shape of a woman. There was a band of light on what was now seeming to look like the left ring finger, which set him back, because it had the resonance of a Relic.
It couldn't be a relic though. If it is though, they are closer than I realized...

He walked closer to her form, and watched her shape semi-solidify before him, and he was amazed at how similar she was to how he remembered her. Ofcourse there was some differances, but her soul energies made her physical characteristics close to how they had been so many ages ago.
He brought a finger up to her cheek, which created a light spot on her face. Her eyes opened, slowly, languidly, because something was differant. She could still feel the water around her, but then again, she could feel...nothing and something at the same time. Most odd. She could see two things. Her bathroom, and a rather large cavernous place with someone else...

Close your eyes, but open them too. You have two sets of eyes, but for what to see?
She knew the voice in her mind, but she had never heard it in this life before. She was confused. She felt a pulsing on her hand, it wasn't uncomfortable, where the ring sat. It seemed to assist her in understanding. She closed her eyes, but still willed herself to see, and the seperation became more defined. She knew she was standing in front of someone, who seemed familiar, but not.

He reached for her, now she could feel his touch as if it were real. He pulled her to him, and she nested her face in his shoulder. As soon as she realized how familiar his shoulder felt, how she had smelled his scent before, she pushed away, and just had to see his face. She fully expected to see a blurred face, but she was met with a face with so much detail, she expected to see an artist stamp somewhere. are real...who are you..where are we...what is this...
Her thoughts resonated in sound around them, spilling out like precious drops of water.

He smiled and said nothing, just looked at her, with something as deep as life itself, crowned with a love so bright it made the sun seem insubstantial. Then he kissed her. As he kissed her, his thoughts permeated hers like the softest perfumes, she could feel him envelope her, cover her with his energies. Overlap her.
We can't make conventional love yet, as we need our bodies for that. I am content to have finally found you though.
You found a Relic. Through that we can.....

She started to fade suddenly, and was slammed back into her body, which had submerged in the tub, and she sat up choking on water.
Her voice echoed against her walls harshly.

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CuteAZguy27 39M
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6/25/2005 7:58 pm

juju34single ...your stories, THIS story, your imagination, its just wonderful. I hope i don't sound to corny, yet i have you on "watched blogs" just so i can have an easy point and click to see your next thoughts, questions and your excellent stories. Very well done

As of the other day you were fustrated because you were not able to post this particular blog, and now its here ! May i ask what you did diffrently to get another excellent continuation of an excellent story out in the open ?

NewJackSwing 43M

6/26/2005 2:59 am

What a great story! I always enjoy your writtings and that's why you are "watched"!

Keep them up and .. hey .. get back to me silly! (check your inbox! LO

juju34single 46F

6/26/2005 11:39 am

seriously blushing
Thank you, CuteAZguy!
I wrote AdultFriendFinder, and they must have done something, because I only was able to paste in half (up to the ++++ )but they must have had the attempt in their cookies, because the whole post appeared.
No list though. I really want to know the banned list.

juju34single 46F

6/26/2005 11:40 am

Thank you too, NewJackSwing!
I love to write, and I am honored that I am watched, and that people like my writing.

CuteAZguy27 39M
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7/2/2005 7:03 am

*Leans against juju34single's door to blogging, and waits patiently for [juju34single]'s next blog entry for it has been way to long of an absence since the last blog.*

juju34single 46F

7/3/2005 7:37 pm

I apologise...

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