Does anyone have the list of banned words?  

juju34single 46F
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6/23/2005 12:41 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Does anyone have the list of banned words?

I am trying to put Part 4 in today, finally got it done, but it isn't allowing the post due to banned words.

Now I see some other blogs that are kinda graphic, so I am really confused, and a little pissed. This isn't helping my decision to upgrade membership or not. Actually, it is keeping me standard, seeing that the majority of the reason I come here now is to have the blog interaction and the friends I have made here in Blogland.

So that said, anyone have the list?

LoyaltyandHonor 35M/31F
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6/23/2005 2:11 pm

I kept getting the same message on one of my posts... I do not know the specifics though. If you find out, let me know to please

DirtyLilSecret61 55F

6/23/2005 5:06 pm

I'm guessing here but try these (typed in a way to hopefully avoid detection):

1. sh it
2. pi ss
3. fu ck
4. cu nt
5. co .. ck .. su . cker
6. mo th er f u ... cker
7. t .. it ... s (great song by Sparks, btw)

Hey George Carlin had it right but I could be wrong though.


CuteAZguy27 39M
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6/23/2005 5:13 pm

I posted a blog last night, to find out this morning that it wasn't posted due to "graphic words" now i laugh cause i dont swear in any of my what did i do ? i didnt touch a thing, yet just clicked the button once again to renter my blog, and it was on instantly. So i honestly don't know eather yet this happened to even my titles of my posts and i did exact same thing in the past and so far it seems to work.

(keep blogging those stories ! )

itsallfun1957 59M

6/23/2005 5:28 pm

The same is also happening to my posts. I've sent a couple of complaints to the powers that be, so far I have a Bug #. I guess that's a case #. I'll either get the banned word message or the entire post disappears somewhere between spell check>mood>browse>add. I am as frustrated as everyone else. If I find out anything, I will post it if the system will let me.>>>itsallfun1957

juju34single 46F

6/23/2005 10:36 pm

None of those words were in my post, Lil.

I want to post the stories, CuteAZ.
Lets get a big fly swatter!

juju34single 46F

6/25/2005 1:08 pm

huggles A Missed you too, my friend! I have had a very busy week with my family considering that the weather has been awesome, and I got a reeeeally bad sunburn. lol

I hope to get more compy time tonight though

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