juicyanal 60F
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7/7/2005 8:06 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Summer Night Romance

As I lay on my bed, thinking about you, I feel this strong urge to grab you and squeeze you, because I can't forget last night. You came to me unexpectedly during the balmy and calm night, and what happened in my bed still leaves a tingling sensation in me.

You appeared from nowhere and shamelessly, without any reservations, you laid on my naked sensed my indifference, so you applied your hungry mouth to me without any guilt or humiliation, and you drove me near crazy while you drained me. Finally I went to sleep.

Today when I woke up, you were gone, I searched for you but to no avail, only the sheets bore witness to last night's events. My body still bears faint marks of your enthusiastic ravishings, making it harder to forget you.

Tonight I will remain awake waiting for you.......

gebel89 35M
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7/7/2005 10:51 am

hey juicy anal pretty much to the point ever mess around a younger man.
your ass look real nice i can appreciate all that i'm 24 looking for conversation someone 2 teach me. hopefully you don't have to end up alone
and waiting.

hmike08 38M
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7/7/2005 11:10 am

Everyone lays awake some nights waiting for that perfect moment of extasy.

BlackSailorMan 51M
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7/7/2005 12:58 pm

Please, I only cum when you are in dreamland. However, please awaken when you feel the moisture from lips as I gently slide my tongue across the smoothness of your buttocks. I will curl up behind you, squeeze your breasts as my hardness naturally finds the crease of your most juiciest booty. Can you feel how hard he is? He knows where to go even in the middle of darkness. Is she ready for him? Is she wet? Mmmmm, may I have all the strength needed and then some for your ass will most definitely be a challenge that I am ready for. That's it baby! That's it. Back that azz up for daddy........ mmmmm, slide that kitty back on this black stick. Work it for all its worth baby! Make this stick satisfy you!

curiousman4u2day 47M

8/1/2005 8:50 pm

Juicy, I read that you like your a just rock bottom fucked until you scream. I want to do that for you. You have got one juicy ass that looks like it will take a pounding! Send me a note and I'll nail that thing for you.

large1012 54M
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8/11/2005 5:40 pm

as you lay there wondering where ive gone after giving u the pleasure
you so richly deserve...i go thinking about the next time i will
come to u and take u to the most erotic place u can imagine in your
mind....and as u think to yourself...and smile...u open your eyes
and i will be there.

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