women who love women  

juiceyass2 38F
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6/18/2006 12:18 pm

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8/4/2006 10:05 pm

women who love women

is it true that lesbian women have to have sex more often because being with a woman doesnt really satisfy her. i heard that somewhre and im just curiouse to know what exactly do lesbians get out of being lesbians.

rm_sexy_b0y_69 31M
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6/18/2006 1:27 pm

hello add me

the a is a a commercial

rm_a_real_nice1 60M
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6/18/2006 9:23 pm

Not sure , but I know all guys like sex often. Welcome to the blogs. Nice sweet pic you have too.

angelofmercy5 59F
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6/18/2006 9:31 pm

Welcome to the blogs! I have no clue.

rm_69why_not 53M

6/21/2006 12:50 pm

All I know is that I may be a lesbian trapped in a man's body. I Love to lick pussy, and I don't need a strap on. Wanna play?

playtime44uandi 53M
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6/21/2006 7:29 pm

Well its just my opinion, but I think a lady knows what feels good to her & therefor other ladies. I'm not so sure that that isn't a satisfying experience for many ladies if there open to it.
Some ladies like the soft tenderness that another lady gives where us guys have a tendancy to be a bit rougher at times. Maybe some of it is just a mater of taste & attraction. To me women are so beautiful & sexy that I can see why anyone would be attracted to a pretty lady.

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