Dear, Diary  

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7/17/2006 10:45 am

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Dear, Diary

my boyfriend of five months never knew i kept a diary, up until last night, when he came in from work and found it lying on the table next to the bed. when i got up to go to the bathroom i found him on the edge of the bed, and realized he had already begun to read it (remind you i have only been with him for five months and the beginning of the diary dates back all the way up to a year ago). apparently he had read something steamy about a guy i dated a year ago. i know it was steamy because when i write, i write detail by detail. so when i saw what he was holding in his hand i immediatly snatched it away from him, he grabbed me from behind. thinking he was upset i began to pull away but, his hold became a soothing but firm hold. he asked can i read your diary and i looked at him and asked why would i let you read my diary. he wanted to know if i had written about him, and i told him yeah i write about everything. thats when he began to carress my thigh gently and i felt his hand began to reach for the moist crotch of my panties. he wispered in my ear: "can i read your diary". i wispered back, no. i could feel his dick growing and beginning to press into my belly i asked my self damn, is it that serious that he is going to try to fuck me out of my diary? dont get me wrong though because the way he was touching me i felt myself almost giving in thinking that maybe, it would come with some kind of reward. i love sexual rewards. he pushed me back onto the bed and removed my panties (which by that time were soaking wet) he began to taste me. his toungue so wet and soft. everytime he would come up for air he would wisper "what did you write about me" i would wisper, good shit baby. nothing but good shit. he climbed on top and slid his cock inside my hot wet pussy all the while taking long strokes. he was going deeper than he had ever gone before. the whole time wispering still in my ear, "will you write about this in your diary". by this time i was so excited that my wispers had become high pitched cries of, yes, yes,yeses. yes i will write about this. thats when he said to me "raise it up", and i knew that he meant he want me doggystyle. he seemed to be more agressive lastnight then he has ever been and i was loving every minute of it. i felt his hands reaching for my hair. at first it was a gentle tug and, then he began pumping faster and the gentle tug became more stonger. he was pulling my hair and i cvould not beleive it. what is going on was all i kept thinking. i was tripping because, my baby is usually so quiet and shy. im always the agressor when it comes to being in the bed and lastnight he was some one else and it was turning me on majorly. he was slapping my ass and talking to me telling me what he wanted,how he wanted it. he was fucking me out of my diary and i could not beleive it. he had worked so hard that by the time it was all over, he had worked so hard that the satin sheets, my body, and his body, was cover in nothing but his sweat. so we ended up in the shower where we talked about the whole situation and i explained to him that i couldnt let him read my diary, but i would let him see what i was going to write about that night.

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7/17/2006 5:26 pm

Well if your diary is as juisy as this, it has to be some good reading!

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