Where the bloody hell are you?  

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4/11/2006 3:55 am

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Where the bloody hell are you?

Yes I know, plaguerism....

Yes mum, I did try using my manners....
No mum, didn't work.

Okay, You see it's like this. I have been around a bit. I have lived and loved and lost.

But every woman I have ever been with has said that I was the greatest lover they have ever been with. Why??

Because I take pride in everything I do. When it comes to being intimate and sexual with a woman, I take my time. I believe in ladies first.

I love to feel my woman writhe and tense up in agonising ecstasy. This is my art.

So why am I chasing more women you ask??

Well, you see, I really enjoy passionate encounters, I enjoy sharing the moment. And even though every woman (and I'm not just big noting myself) has found me to be thier best lover. I have not yet found a lover with the same passion and dedication to mutual mind blowing sex.

Yes. I have been the evil one who has broken off the relationship.

"You ASS." I hear you say. "It's your fault then, you shouldn't have let them go."

Well, what was the alternative??

Be unsatisfied sexually, physically and lose respect for my partner leading to EMS? Infidelity?

Instead, I sent them on thier way and continue my search.

And by GOD there are a lot of beautiful looking women and women who are (Like me) blowing thier own trumpets about how much they want sex and love it.

So "Where the bloody hell are you?"

Cum on, Have a crack.

100% Money back guarantee.

Of course if you don't take pride in your love making, your wild passionate sex or your eagerness to be fulfilled mind body and soul.

I don't care where the bloody hell you are....Stay there and live a sub-fulfilling life.

Or just comment and tell me how much I sound full of it.

Later dudes.

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