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6/30/2006 7:30 am

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Blogs, blogs, blogs??

I really have a pretty good life.

I complain a lot but who doesn't.

I would like a lot more sex, but the occassional rooty here and there I do have is good, or great.

I would like more money, but I am doing pretty well anyway.

I can't say I would like a better car because I love my car. I have work cars that do
250 + for when I feel the need for speed.

I have a great house, too much garden and that but better than a 200m sq sod in suburbia.

I'm inteligent, and funny, need more hair by some peoples standards and may have a bit of middle age spread, but generally I'm a pretty great bloke. modest too.

I get around a bit, have seen a hell of a lot of this great country of ours and plan to see alot of the world.

I don't really need any one to share my great life with but it doesn't hurt to have someone.

I have a great child who I love and who loves me, I pretty much have it all.

So when I sook and moan, it's because I CAN.

I am not unhappy with my life, I just don't see the point in not striving for more. There is more to have in life... more time, more money, more sex and most definitely more blow jobs for me.

So when I stop whinging and settle for the great life I have, I cease to strive and cease to live.

I am not unhappy, just ambitious.

If this is a crime...sue me.

Just a thought and FYI.

By the way, the trip to and from Darwin was farkin great if I didn't mention it already. Sorry you couldn't share it with me.

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