Capital City Classic Weekend....  

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11/20/2005 6:39 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Capital City Classic Weekend....

I love my school!!! Jackson State University football team has a final recordof 2-9, not exactly one of the best seasons...however, that final loss of the season to rival Alcorn was truly my BEST NIGHT EVER at JSU...a member of this site named Jen* (36 y/o, 34DD, about 165 lbs) was invited to attend the game with me. She happily oblidged and we enjoyed the festivities...Sitting on the top row of a packed stadium smoking a FAT blunt of white widow can really make things interesting, especially when you're smoking illegally with a married woman...After the thunderous bands finished their performance and the event was over (who goes to black football games for the football???) we went out to Red Lobster for late lunch. Now, at this point, it's about 6 o'clock, so we go over to my friend's apartment, because mine is being remodeled. We chill over there with my guys, drinking and smoking and just having a general good time when she leans over to me and whispers in my ear that she wants some dick. I then told her that we can set that up later, since we'd have to get a room because this isn't my house. I couldn't disrespect my guy's house by fucking a woman in his house, could I? Well, maybe it was the smoke or drink talking, but "no" was just unacceptable for her. A moment later, I feel a hand stroking me through my pants and a hard-on, i'm cupping titties and finger-fucking her on my couch. Now, most guys would just be ready to fuck immediately, but i'm not most guys...I need some privacy unless my guys are gonna join like any other college aged intoxicated male , I told her we could do this if every body gets to play...She flashed me a sly grin and then I got up and talked to my guys. I told them to let me and Jen do our thing and then when I give the signal, to just come in and join in. The signal? When you hear me moan as if I'm coming, that's the signal...

So I go back to the living room and tell her to get on her knees and suck me up. She gets between my legs and swallows my dick. After about 14-15 minutes of fierce sucking, she makes me cum like its my first time, which is my cue to give the signal. I tell her to turn around and bend over and I slip on a magnum (big boys need big toys). As I slide my dick into her wet pussy, she sees my friends and actually asks my guy Jeremy to let her suck his dick. Then Jason...Then Mike...then the other Mike...she takes each load on the face...before the evening is over, she's been fucked by 8 guys, sucked off 12, and even dp'ed TWICE!! I must admit, its good to be in college!!

*names were changed to protect this married woman's husband...

fuckmetonight03 32M

11/20/2005 9:15 pm

Alright, I'm going to be straight up with you. I am working on my thesis, which is a sociological study of sexual selection theory in humans. I bascially chose to do this project because I'm also into voyeurism. So basically, I am looking for a guy like yourself to be my guinea pig. All you would have to do is pursue women and let me watch and tape you fucking them butt ass naked. I will provide the room for free. All you would have to do is love pussy and be able to get it often so I can tape it for my project. So if you're interested, send me a message and I'll give you my number to set the whole thing up. Look, I am desparate, I need your help. And if you do this, I will allow you to use my room in the Marriot absolutely free for fuckin' anytime you want! I'll even pay you if necessary! I just need some info for my research that's due pretty soon!!!!! So hit me back!!!!!!

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