How to ruin your shot **Updated**  

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5/20/2006 12:47 pm

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How to ruin your shot **Updated**

I received an email from someone yesterday, and responded accordingly. I wasn't on much last night, because I had company and we were watching a movie, so today when I logged in I had 5 more emails from this person. He really didn't have a shot to begin with, because his profile and mine didn't seem compatible to me, but the 5 emails over the course of a couple hours definitely ruined whatever small chance he had. I responded to all 5 in one email, which I'm posting in it's entirety. My responses are in blue...

I'll answer your barrage of emails all at once...
1.Can I send you a pic or two? I've seen the ones on your profile, thank you.
2. What kinda fucking are you looking for? And if size matters, I have that covered... I clearly spell out what I'm looking for in my profile, and saying you've got size covered is kinda cocky and off-putting.
3. Do you meet the guys or do they come to you in Ft. Riley? It depends on the situation, but I generally only hook up with people in this area, I have a very busy life and scheduling to meet with someone from out of town is difficult.
4. So whats it take to fuck you? Well, sending a shitload of emails over the course of a few hours isn't going to help.
5. I just added a pic to my profile if you wanna see... Thanks, I can see that.

I'm wondering if you were drinking last night when you sent all of those emails, but regardless, I think we're looking for different things, and I'm definitely looking for someone closer to home. Good luck on your search.

Ok, now let's see what is wrong with this picture. A bunch of one liner emails, most of which are crude, this guy has NO game. Again, refer back to my email tutorial, if the email you send is something that would get you punched in the face if said in person, perhaps you should rethink it. I'm not sure any woman would be turned on by those emails, maybe it's just me, but I thought it was a poor approach.

Update: In fairness, because I am not COMPLETELY heartless and evil, I will say this person did email me back, apologizing and promising not to contact me anymore. He admitted he had been drinking while sending those emails. This is why drunk emailing/dialing/texting is a bad idea. Come on now, everyone has done called/emailed/texted stupid shit to someone when drunk, right? I know I have!!

rm_wyat16 38M

5/20/2006 10:47 pm

Very amusing. Obviously he can not read or did not take the time to do his home work. You have enough posted on this site that that if a person actually took the time to READ and ABSORB what you are interested in they might keep from wasting your time and also theirs. In a five hour time he managed to come up with 56 words. Good luck picking up on women in person. That kind of conversation would have alot of awkward silence. He may have wasted everybody's time, but we will all get amusement out of his 15 Mins. of shame.

rm_leegs500 47M

5/22/2006 7:19 pm

hi email me and see if u like my approch..ok??

rm_Musiclvr8604 30M

5/27/2006 11:59 am

That kinda seems like your average stereotypical male from a sex website. Although, most standard members can't read profiles. But he shouldn't have jumped into the game like that. High class, lol. I'm not on this too much and this is like the 3rd profile I've gone through. Just thought I'd express my opinion. Love to chat more, ~Justin

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