Breaking the "rules"  

jst4fun915 34F
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4/19/2006 9:22 am
Breaking the "rules"

There is one particular guy in my life right now that I was hesitant to blog about. (Then agian , I know he doesn't read this blog OR my personal site, LOL, so whatever!) You see, he and I have been hooking up for a couple weeks now. The first time I met him, it was at a party at his house. He had already figured out who I was from my Y! Msgr, and knew that he knew my husband, but he didn't let me in on that. I showed up at his house, and a female I had met once before answered the door. Huh, small world. I was talking to her boyf, who I knew as well, about an incident involving someone he and my husband worked with. All of a sudden someone else in the room piped up with "Oh, G*'s an ass, anyway, and leaving soon, so you don't need to worry about him." My jaw dropped, like "How do you know who G* is?? What's going on here?" During this time, the guy I had been talking to, D, had been in the other room on the phone. He walked in, we're talking, and some more "small world" moments happen. I'm sufficiently freaked out now, not because I am not safe, but because I'm amongst people who obviously know a bit more about me than I about them. Finally, I turn to D, and ask what in the hell is going on. He leans in and whispers in my ear, "Your husband and I are the only two (fill in the blank with some work information)". "OH. SHIT. You're *** *****!" So then the cat's out of the bag, the guys work together (I hadn't shown my husband a picture of D before I left, so he didn't know that's who I was seeing), and they all know what kind of marriage we have. I kinda flipped out for a minute, like "how could you not warn me??", but D made a good point... I wouldn't have come over had I known. Regardless, discreet just went out the door. Anyway, we all had a great time, much alcohol was consumed, and I made it home sometime before sunrise, although we didn't have sex that night. Turns out that D and my husband (who had JUST started working together) are basically split from the same egg, so now we're all good friends (of course, D and I are more). Now, here's where "breaking the rules" comes in. You see, D is only a few months older than me, normally I would not even think of hooking up with a "young blood". He also works with my husband, another no-no. Now, both of those "rules" are based off previous experiences, and I do hope that this one turns out better than the others. Still, if it weren't for this site, and a little deception on D's part, we probably never would have said more than a polite hello to each other, and certainly would not all be friends. I guess if that's the only thing I take from this experience, it's not so bad. More on my adventures, with D later.

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