9 days and the one that's sprung  

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4/25/2006 8:46 am

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9 days and the one that's sprung

Ok, current boytoy status: 2.
Boytoy 1, who we'll call Sniper: He's actually the young blood I mentioned a few posts back. He likes it rough, his back and chest are covered in scratches right now from our sexcapades this weekend. Only problem?? He leaves in 9 days for sniper school. I went over to his apartment last night, because his roommate was supposed to be out, but came home, so we didn't end up doing anything. Bummed!!

Boytoy 2, we'll call him Loverboy: He warned me in the beginning that he gets attached easily, and he wasn't kidding. The sex is just mediocre, apparently it's been a little while and he's out of practice. Now he's blowing my phone up constantly, asking when he can see me, etc. Not only that, but he lives in the same SMALL town as the "dream cars" guy. (Who finally im-ed me yesterday to apologize, btw) This guy is very attractive, and very sweet, but he has a little boy who he has with him on weekends so it's hard to get together, and I do not need him catcching feelings for me and getting heartbroken.

Potential boytoy 3: This is actually a friend of ours, but everything has to be kept even more hush hush than usual, for various reasons. I was afraid to even tell him I was interested, because my ego couldn't really handle a rejection at the time. I saw him last night, when picking up something from his house, and lost the nerve to say something or make a move. So, I emailed him, and on the advice of my husband pretty much said "I will be there tomorrow night, dressed to kill and ready to go. If you don't want me to, you need to email me back and let me know." Hubs was certain I'd have to be aggressive with this one, or it would never happen. Well, I got a reply from the guy this morning, basically saying he's down, but he has plans with someone tonight, so tonight won't work, but he'd get back to me to make plans. I REALLY hope he does, because I'd love to hook up with him, as long as we don't make the same mistakes that caused problems with other friends turned hookups. So, that is your boytoy update for the day, we'll see how things pan out, and you KNOW I'll spill the beans later. Have fun!!

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