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9/21/2005 11:39 am

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Yeah, to anyone who's interested I am still around! I just haven't had anything worthwhile to say for the past fortnight for so. Well ok, that's not entirely true. But I've been more preoccupied with politics than usual, and don't have any desire to find myself flamed to death so I'm keeping Katrina, Iraq, et al out of this!

However, to bring things up to date a bit, I met my new friend again on Saturday night, and again I enjoyed the evening. I'm loathe to put many details on here out of respect for her privacy, but I do plan to see her again. Whether she's what I'm looking for (or whether I'm what she's looking for!), only time will tell. I'm not the type to think I truly know someone from 2 meetings! But from now on I'll be leaving her out of my blog unless circumstances dictate, and just see how things go.

SO, I'll now need to find other interesting things to talk about. I shall do my best for you at least! I haven't much to say just now, lately I've largely just been visiting to check for messages and keep an eye on a couple of particular blogs. Otherwise I've glanced at a few other random blogs, but not spent sufficient time to find anything of real interest. For my next post I'll have a proper look and see what I can find...

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