Body Types - Truth or Fiction  

jrb6955 58M
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8/10/2006 8:41 pm
Body Types - Truth or Fiction

I just read a blog posting by sexyeyes, which I would recommend to others. She asked the question: What does "athletic" mean? She made a very valid point. What exactly do any of the "body type" descriptions actually mean? In my experience, they are far too subjective, meaning different things to different people. A woman or a man of average build, but who happens to be a little self conscious, may describe themselves as having "a little extra padding." As in this instance described by sexyeyes in her blog, some people who are average (or even a little overweight), may describe themselves as being athletic. I originally thought "ample" meant overweight, but have found that many women (I do not know whether men describe themselves as "ample") seem to use the term to simply mean that they are busty (like the young lady in the photo to the right - LOL ). While the body type designations may still be useful, I have found that I cannot rely on them alone in reviewing profiles.

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