Fun in Red Deer  

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10/25/2005 7:56 am

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Fun in Red Deer

It has been some time since I posted last and thought I would share an experience I had a couple of weeks ago in Red Deer. I was spending a Thursday night at the Sandman and decided that instead of staying in and watching movies, I would go have a beer at Billy Bob's. I walked in to a fairly crowded bar with a lot of young college kids and thought this doesn't look very promising with respect to maybe finding someone who would like to come back to my room with me. I grabbed a beer and settled in along the wall to study the action.

There were some very cute college girls dancing together, but they were like 18-19 years old. I have fucked young girls like that but it usually takes a lot of work and every so often you come off looking like a dirty old man. (I'm 32) As I scanned the room, I noticed a lady sitting along the bar by herself. As I watched her I noticed she was scanning the room and definately checking out the guys. She looked to be about mid 30's, had a big wedding ring on her finger (I'm married too), had short hair and was wearing a business type skirt and blouse. She looked to be a little heavy but not in an unattractive way, more curvy than large and had a great set of tits that showed some cleavage.

I strolled over and introduced myself and found out that her name was Beth and that she was a land agent for Access Land, just in town the one night on her way to business north of Edmonton. She lived down in Calgary. I learned she was happily married for 4 years with 2 daughters and a dog named Hank. She was very easy to talk with and after a couple of hours, it was getting close to 11:30 pm and I decided to shift the conversation over to sex and whether she wanted a no strings attached romp back in my room. She must have read my mind, because before I could say anything, she suggested that since it was getting late, I should walk her back to her room at the Capri.

As we walked to her room, she quite matter of factly stated that she doesn't view having sex as cheating on her husband. She regularily fucks when she is on the road. She wanted some tonight. I said well alrighty then!

Soon as the door closed, she started getting out of her clothes and invitd me to do the same. Before I had finished unbuttoning my shirt she was naked and gazed upon her large tits that were surprizingly not sagging too much and a perfectly shaved pussy without a starnd of hair on it. She suggested that we hop in the shower real quick and when we had quickly washed she suggested that instead of drying off we just let ourselves "drip dry" I was eager to get at it and went to kiss her and that is when she stopped me. She said that was her only rule, she only kissed her husband, but suggested that I drop down and kiss her pussy. I lifted her onto the bathroom counter and proceeded to dive right in. She was quite juicy and the flow increased as soon as I found her clit and started sucking on it. She was getting really worked up and I was wondering if she wanted a quick orgasm now, or should I ease up when she started cumming. She was a squirter! I got a mouth full of hot we cum juice and gulped down what I could while the rest ran down my chin.

More next time.

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