Heating up a cool night  

joysticktx 47M
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9/9/2006 2:37 am
Heating up a cool night

I am fortunate, for the time being, anyway, to have a nice home in a nice neighborhood. My backyard is fenced by a wooden fence standing about 6 feet tall. Lateley, the weather at night has been great for laying out and (moontanning). So I've been doing alot of that lately. I work late so when I get off of work I'll come home, take a shower, grab a cold beer, strip down and lay out on a beach chair in my backyard and look at the stars. My life recently has been full of heartache or heartbreak anyway, but since I've been having the house to myself more often, as I will for the next week or so, I find it soothing to just relax under the gaze of the stars. (and maybe a few inquisitive neighbors) I have, however, become aware of a strange phenomenon. An epiphany, if you will. You see, I'll begin to relax and watch the clouds take shape above me while the cool breeze caresses my naked body, and then it happens. It seems that all the tension within me does not escape me, but instead begins to focus in on one particular part of my body. MY DICK! With a beer bottle in one hand and my cock in the other, each just as hard as the other, I begin to pump my shaft. Slowly at first, fascinated by the heat being emitted from it. I take my thumb and feel the rim of my head, all the while, squeezing my fattened shaft. Clear, sticky pre-cum begins to ooze out of my piss hole. I put the beer bottle down and with that hand now free, I use it to cup my balls, gently pulling on my nut sack. I take some pre-cum on my fingertips and slide it across the surface of my lips, then I run my tounge across my glossy mouth and give it a taste. Before I know what is happening, I'm using my slickened fingers to play with my butthole, inserting the tip of one into my ass while stroking my cock frantically. My hips thrust wildly off the beach chair and upward, toward the crescent moon. Peering eyes be damned, there is no turning back now. A brief moment passes where I'm held in suspended animation, hips in the air, unable to breathe, my entire body tenses up. And then it releases. A burst of white milk shoots from my cock. Reflecting the light from the moon, it briefly sparkles light stardust falling upon my chest and more spills onto my stomach. It warms me as I lay there, spent of all energy. I've often heard that tension is supposed to exit your body through your extremities. It's clear now which extremity they were refering to.

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