youn take me by the hand  

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youn take me by the hand

You take me by the hand...
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... and lead me into a room I've never seen before. I'm trembling a little. Not knowing exactly what this place is or what you plan to do with me there. We enter, and I see that the room is filled with strange equipment... boards, flat with chains and cuffs attached, sawhorses - equally equipped. All the walls are mirrored. I see sets of riding crops, clamps, and ropes. The rest of the room is a blur as you lead me to a sawhorse.

I look at you hesitantly. You take off my jacket. There are no others in the room, and you begin gently unbuttoning my blouse.

I'm shaking with fear - the equipment intimidates me. You chuckle a little... noticing my fright. You whisper in my ear and tell me that I will learn to submit to you completely tonight. And you hold me. I feel safe with you. The scent of your cologne steadies me. I feel willing to be yours for this evening and to do anything you require of me.

You order me to take off my skirt, and I slip it over my hips. Standing in the middle of the room, I am wearing only a black bustier with garters, thigh high stockings, black lace panties, and high heels.

You tell me to hold my arms behind my back as you run your hands over my body... testing me... feeling me. As you feel the wetness between my thighs, I feel embarrassed. Afraid and wondering why I'm here, what I'm doing, and God, a million other things... but the hand clamps firmly on my pussy... massaging the wetness into my panties. And all I can do is moan. Lost... lost in passion, I forget my fears and submit to your touch.

You tell me to undress for you. I take off my high heels and slowly undo the garters one at a time. I unzip the front of the bustier and my breasts fall lightly. Soft, feminine in the dark room. You tell to leave my stockings on, and I comply.

Once again you press your hand to my crotch and test my wetness. Satisfied, you tell me to remove my panties. This I do slowly... unsteadily. Handing them to you.

Without a word, you take my hair in your hand and force my head back. As I shriek in pain, you stuff the panties into my mouth... muffling my sounds. Then, I gaze wide-eyed as you place a blindfold over me. Now, unable to see or speak, you lead me to the sawhorse. I taste my own wetness on the cloth in my mouth and groan as you bend my body over the sawhorse. I feel you spread my legs wide and tie them to the legs of the sawhorse. My hands you pull above my head... tying them also so that I am completely helpless.

I tremble with fearful excitement as I realize my pussy and ass are totally exposed to you and that I am completely subject to your will. My heart beats faster as I feel you drag a small, thin implement along my thighs and buttocks. Then feel the crack and sting of the crop.

I jerk at the pain and scream... but to no avail. The gag is firmly in place. I feel the pain again and again as the crop comes down on my flesh... feeling the burn and knowing that welts are appearing before you. I cry as you once again run the crop between my legs. You dip the end of the crop in my soaked pussy and I moan at the pain and the pleasure that you give me. You slide the tip toward the delicate pucker of my anus and press inward. Smiling, you watch as I try to push back into it. You know what I want... so you slide it in deeply and begin pushing it in and out until my moans are steady, rhythmical. You pull it out before I can cum, though. And tell me you are not ready for me to have that pleasure.

I sob, wanting to beg you for more, but unable to. Then, I hear you come around the sawhorse. Without warning, I scream in pain as you attach a nipple clamp to my right nipple. The pain is so intense, so intense... my whole world is focused on that space of my body. I gasp, knowing that you control me and that the pain and the pleasure I experience will only be at your whim.

I gasp again as you place the second clamp on my left nipple... crying out helplessly. You attach a chain to the two clamps and from them hang a string with a weight attached. To test it, you take the crop and slap it hard on my ass. As I jump, the weight tugs at my nipples causing more pain. Unsatisfied, you adjust the clamps tighter. I'm crying, but enjoying the pain intensely. Knowing the pain is for you and that I am your slave... I am totally focused on pleasing you.

You come to the front of the sawhorse and remove my gag asking me how I feel. Tearfully, I thank you and beg you to take me. But you say I must earn the feeling of your cock inside me.

I feel you press your stiff cock to my lips. Obediently, I lick off the precum... tasting you. My Master. I gently kiss the tip, honoring the instrument that will bring me so much pleasure this evening. You grab my hair and force me upon you... shoving your cock deeply into my throat. I gag at the force, but am urged on by your words... telling me that I am your whore this evening and that I must please you before the scene can continue.

I suck your handsome cock... feeling it throbbing inside me. I enjoy giving you pleasure. My tongue runs along your length as you shove into me over and over again. My lips tight and my throat begging for your cum.

I moan steadily with each thrust of your hips. You tell me to suck your cock well and I will be rewarded, so I tighten my lips and redouble my efforts at your pleasure.

I hear your soft moans in the room telling me that you enjoy being with me in this way, and my heart fills with love for you. Several minutes pass and I feel you take one final shove... forcing yourself all the way into my face then you pull out and lift my head by the hair... shooting hot streams of cum on my face and into my waiting mouth. I gasp at the pain, but lap hungrily at the hot cum. To taste you is the ultimate pleasure. Marked as yours... your seed slipping in rivulets to my chin.

I shudder as I hear you say how pleased you are with my obedience. You dip a finger into my pussy and then run it along my cheek... gathering both our juices and pressing it to my lips. I taste our sweet wine. Rolling your finger inside my mouth. Savoring the flavor.

Once again, you place the gag in my mouth. I hear the door open in the room, and I hear more footsteps. I hear you tell whoever is in the room that I am here by your will and for your pleasure. You say that my training is almost complete, but you want to make sure I understand my place as your submissive.

With the small assemblage watching (I assume, though I'm still blindfolded), you insert a finger into my pussy and begin to finger fuck me. Chuckling softly as I begin to moan.

"She hasn't yet learned to control her passion," I hear a man say. "She should not take pleasure unless you have ordered it."

"True," you say. What do you suggest?

And I hear one of the men take off his belt. Unsure who the others are you have brought, I am afraid of what they plan to do with me. Then suddenly, a sharp sting as the belt hits the delicate pink flesh of my pussy.

I shriek and jump... the weight tugging on my nipple clamps.

I feel the belt fall again and again... my pussy throbbing painfully. But the sexual stimulus ensuring that I am very wet. The belt slaps and spatters my juices against my thighs and I moan, sobbing.

I hear men's laughter as you talk about who is going to take me first. Then, suddenly, I feel the searing pain of a cock shoved up my ass. Totally unprepared, I scream loudly... sobbing. Feel myself splitting from the entry of this huge cock.

I feel someone between my legs and a tongue reaches out to lick my tender pussy. Soft, delicate, healing touches... and I moan again as the tongue darts inside me.

Still a third presses a cock to my lips... forcing me to take him orally.

I wonder where you are. If I am pleasing you. Wondering if you are one of the cocks filling me or if you are licking my pussy. I hope that you are looking at me with loving pride that I perform only at your will and for you.

The men taking my ass and face are moaning together loudly... I feel them tense and...

The man in my anus shoves in hard... the cum spurting inside me.

The other steps away from my face and cums over my ass and back... pumping semen onto me... covering me.

The third person presses two fingers into my waiting pussy as the men cum and fingers me quickly, deeply. I feel a tongue on my anus and back... as cum is being licked off my body.

I scream, unable to withhold my orgasm any longer... my entire body shuddering. I call out your name over and over again. I collapse afterward, spent.

You remove the gag and the blindfold. And I look in the mirrors around the room to see a petite woman between my legs licking the cum from me ... her fingers still buried deep in my pussy.

You motion her to move away as you undo the ropes and clamps and bid me to stand. I do so.

Rubbing my wrists, I only see one other man in the room, and know that it was you who took me either orally or anally. (That pleases me very much.) But, I am embarrassed that it was a woman who made me cum and that you witnessed it.

You tell me that before I can leave this place, you wish me to favor the woman by making her orgasm. Still in the throes of ecstasy from her attention, it is much easier for me to do this for you. I tell her to get on all fours and press her face to the ground. Lifting her hips, I spread her legs and begin tonguing her lightly.

She moans... and I taste her exotic juices on my tongue.

I move a finger inside her... taking her... fingering her. She is very wet and moans as I do this. Pulling out, I spread her cheeks and allow my fingers to enter her anus. Blowing hot breath on her pussy and thrusting them in and out while I lick her soft petals.

I look at you and the other man in the room and see that you are masturbating. You are enjoying the attention I pay to this woman and I am happy. She begins to moan louder and louder. My excitement builds as I lock my tongue inside her pussy, wiggling it.... then sucking hard on her clit.

The room is filled with our breathing and moans... you and your friend stand over us ... ready to cum. And as I dive once more into the woman... she screams. At the same time, hot cum begins to cover our bodies. Four bodies become one. Melting into each other.

Afterwards, we all lay together... holding each other. Soft, contented sighs.

You tell me that you are proud of the way I allowed myself to be handled tonight and that my responses were correct. My training will continue... you tell me. And I may look forward to more scenes where you will require me to go to the limits of my sexuality. You say you plan to teach me about my body and that I will learn about yours.

My heart is full of your praise and I gaze into your eyes lovingly. You draw me close and hold me. I feel safe, protected, satisfied.

Than suddenly I awoke to the tender kisses of WinterHawk and I realized...that it was all just a dream. (grins)

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