The Unexpected encounter Part 3  

joseph69er2 60M
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8/17/2006 11:10 am
The Unexpected encounter Part 3 she kneels before my she gazes into my eyes as she starts to lick my throbbing member. Slowly, up and down the shaft, pausing now and then to lick the head and very tip of my cock. She has is covered with saliva as she starts to engulf it in her mouth. Up and down, up and down her head goes. pausing every once in awhile to look deeply and longingly into my eyes. Suddenly, she takes me fully into her throat. seemingly massaging my cock with her throat, as she plays with my balls. Up for air she slides up my body where we kiss. A long deep kiss filled with passion and desire. "Take me NOW" she whispers into my ear and turns around again, thrusting her wet pussy at me, rubbing against my cock, until she slides it in. I haven't moved an inch, she has impaled herself on my rigid, rock hard manhood. I start to thrust slowly at first. "More. Faster" she cries out, thrusting back against me. For a moment I nearly cum. Stopping, I sit her down and spread her legs up in the air and give her another tongue job, until she explodes. Her body convulsing with pleasure. I enter her in one rapid thrust and start to pound away, until I erupt. It seems I cum for five minutes. As I pull out, she licks her lips, and then licks me clean and dry. We dress and I leave, never having asked her name, nor she mine. Just a moment in time, spent in pure bliss with no commitments, strings, or pressure. Just a great unexpected encounter.... Joseph

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