anything but ordinary  

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8/9/2005 6:57 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

anything but ordinary

It appears to me that out side of a few most people who happen upon this blog care not for the writing and or subject matter contained here in. To those people I say tough shit. Any one can write dribble.
"She sucked my cock till I shot my load of hot jisim all over her face." See I can write dribble too. So if you are sitting there with you hand wrapped around your hard on and stroking it then you had better find another blog. Preferably one with a picture so you don't have to tax your mind too much. Words are my tools. They have more power to spark the imagination than any thing else in the universe. You need to understand that I talk to people who use their minds. They see pictures and places with out ever being there. If dribble is what you are looking for there is plenty on this site. But not here never has and never will be!

I have found a muse,an inspiration,even though I wasn't looking for one and I thank the cosmic powers for sending her. She has restored my faith in humanity.

To her:"And when the world is all but leaves me its fine, and when I come to the rescue I get nothing but left behind. Everybody seems to be getting what they need where's mine. But your what I need so very but I'm anything but ordinary. I think I'm trying to save the world for you. You will saving me too. We could just stay here and save each other."

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