Vampires and other creatures of the night.  

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8/3/2005 7:02 am

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Vampires and other creatures of the night.

If I might be so bold does one believe in a fairy tale? Perhaps. For there are many kinds of fairy tales in this world. There are the fairy tales that every woman on this site is here to get laid! There are fairy tales that every man is a cunnilingus specialists. There are fairy tales that a gazillion people have scored and that is why this site is so popular. Bull! I would rather believe in vampires. At least with a vampire you have something to show for it. I have met and talked with many like souls here and not one fits any of the fairy tales that dear fellowship you believe. There are intelligent and witty and cunning people on this site. Just like the real world there are rules of engagement. You just don't walk up and ask Let's F__K. Try that on the outside and you will get the shit slapped out of you. So why do you think it will work here? You were given a brain and I know that some vampire didn't suck it out of your head, so why not use it. I use to post on the boards but Lately I have removed my self and am down to two. I have found a much better pastime and it is causing me to have to think! Dear muse I thank you for that. So dear fellowship Vampires are not the only creatures of the night. Just look around and you will see!

(Juan S)
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8/3/2005 7:52 am

Perhaps your bait is not the same as some.
I understand your point, but just like in the real world as you put it...
It is still up to the individual.

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