Spiders and Flies  

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8/6/2005 6:31 am

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Spiders and Flies

You ask me to think so think I did. It is a decision that is not made easily. Does one leave comfortable and committed or choose dark and enlighten. It is a faceless name on a screen and yet I know that it is real. It is real and yet it is gone.
Were the words that flashed across your screen merely a ploy by one who uses words so easily. A trap to catch and hold something that is as elusive as lust?
Passion,Lust,Longing, all descriptive words and yet also feelings. But feelings can die. The first is lust. It fades with the release of carnal pleasure.
Then there is Passion. It to fades but slowly with time. The glow becomes fainter and eventually dulls the senses into submission.
Last is longing. Unfortunate in the fact that it never leaves. It haunts. It hurts. It cries out in the night and so we hide it with a fake smile and say every thing is going to be Ok.
As you sit starring at the alter of the electronic messiah do you wonder? Was it a big trap. A Web of wondrous words strung together in an effort to lure the weak?
"Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly"

And to YOU and my readers I pose this query?

Who now is the SPIDER, and whom is the FLY

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