Mass for the Masses  

jonnyrocket53 63M
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8/5/2005 7:32 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Mass for the Masses

Join me now in this mass for we are in the electric temple. Feel the cool glow of the plasma God who brings knowledge at the touch of a button, a few strokes of the keys and all shall be reveled. Mind not that the information is tainted for it is instantous. Not like day gone by. No musty smell of paper. No feel of cloth. Just clean antiseptic sterile knowledge Could be good. Could be bad, but who cares. Stare mesmerized at the plasma god for all is forgiven. Ask jeeves for anything and it will be granted. Google your ass off the plasma god does not falter. You need no mind. You need no soul. You need no imagination. All is provided for you. You are not beautiful. You can still get laid. You are not Handsom You still get blown. For in my knowledge I achieve all. Just give to me. You need no free will. I am always here glowing in a dark world, a digital domain. It is all here just for you. You who sit at my alter.

Brought to you dear fellowship by one who thinks and by at least two of us that read books. I know that is not cool but oh so much more satisfying.
Think for that is what you have a mind for. Read and learn turn the damn computer off once and a while. It might do you some good.

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