Heros and white hats or never fear underdog is here  

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8/25/2005 8:35 am

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Heros and white hats or never fear underdog is here

As I grew up all my heros were either super or wore white hats. The were gentlemen. Now I don't know about you but I was taught that a gentleman made everyone around him feel at ease. These heros always knew what needed to be done with out anyone ever having to ask. They were loners who never alowed any to get close to their person. THEY KEPT THE WORLD AT ARM'S LENGTH BUT ALWAYS PROTECTING THOSE THAT THEY HELD DEAR. I in my own metortic way have tried to use my life to emulate these heros. There are many in this world that truely need help but have no where to turn. There are some that are to proud to ask. There are some who will but are sure that it will cost them in the long run. I have been doen many roads in this life and always flet that there is a greater purpose if one only will listen for it. I try in a small way to make a difference. Sometimes I suceed some times I don't but I try! May be I live in a fairy tale world and look for happy endings everywhere. I doubt it! I just feel that if I can make your passage a little easier the so be it. That is the path I have chosen.
Hero or fool? Who knows? Perhaps a little of both.

So dear fellowship are you holding out for a hero?

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