Commitment or They are comming to take me away haha hoho hehe  

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9/10/2005 7:15 am

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Commitment or They are comming to take me away haha hoho hehe

Commitment, to most women this is the one word that they think they will never hear from a man! Funny that these 10 letters cause such a conundrum in peoples lives. Now for me personally this is just another word in a list of many that people over use. Another big one is issues. What the hell are issues? Sorry but we all have issues so that doesn't make you special. Anyway back to commitment. What is commitment anyway? I can't for the life of me figure that one out. Is it monogamy? Is it exclusive right? Is it a promissory note?I was always brought up that if you said you would do something then you did it regardless of the happenstance. If I tell someone that I will do something for them then I will do it period no questions no regrets. Why then is it always so volatile for people to accept commitment. Why then do they fear it. Is it the act of having to rely on something that we can not control? Do we associate commitment with the act of being committed? Am I crazy,or am I the last sane person of this demented species? Words are just that,words. It is in the interpretation that we all screw up. We adjust and manipulate them to fit our version of the facts(10.0) or we use them to hide the meaning and form so we confuse even the noblest of intentions. It is all very simple if you say you are going to do something then do it,otherwise keep your mouth shut! A lot less trouble will be in store for you if this you will remember!

So dear fellowship to all of you that fear commitment, It may no be the commitment you fear but the lack of control that you associate with it !

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