And another one  

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8/4/2005 8:35 pm

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And another one

No Title for this one

Oh my love, my darling, precious dear one,
I know you cannot fathom why I care, why I would love you.
You gaze at yourself and wonder why anyone would,
You can see only the heartache and pain, hear the crying in the dark.

I cannot see those things in you, I was not there, I did not share them,
I see only the beauty that lay beneath the surface, the lovely radience of your soul.
If I could only tell you how I feel when I press my lips to yours,
And the warm glow of all that is you encompasses me and how I know peace.

Peace is a hard won lesson for me, there has not been much but conflict in my days.
As I fight through each day to merely survive, the thought of you lifts my spirits,
Allows me to raise my shield one last time, and readies my sword for battle,
And frees my spirit to go forth and slay any who would do you evil.

I would fight till the last breath left my body to see you safe from harm,
And in shedding the last drop in my veins my last thought would be that you are safe at last.
Any price would I pay to see the light in your eyes never dim or fade from sadness,
And to hear the tinkling sound of your laughter for the rest of my days.

The smiles that you give to me that no one else can see,
The warmth of your breath as you sleep in the night,
The way you pry loose my worries, when I tell you nothing of my troubles,
The way your eyes soften for an instant when I enter then room.

These are the reasons I fight, these are the memories I carry,
There is no one on this world to replace you, no one I want more,
I know that without you, I will never be the person that I wish to be,
You make me rise above myself, and for that, I love you.

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