*whiny voice* Young guys aren't intellectual  

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12/8/2005 2:19 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

*whiny voice* Young guys aren't intellectual

You go girls! Younger guys can never stimulate your mind. All they can do is eagerly fumble around your panty line and prematurely ejaculate.
I'd like to catch the fuckers that make this young guy fucking stereotype fucking horseshit true.I'd take his excited premature unintellectual little kidneys and fucking bukkake force feed them to a group of dobermans. God damn am i ever tired of reading about some woman who's had bad experiences say: I don't want a younger man, I WANT A MAN WHO CAN STIMULATE MY MIND. As though the two are automatically exclusive. Well What... the... Fuck. Honestly, who have these people been seeing? And what exactly do older men talk about that is so much more "mind stimulating" than something a younger man can say? Yes I am a younger man, and I think its all bullshit. What? an older man will talk about his investments? his career? getting married? wife and kids? His dodge caravan? WHAT THE FUCK? I bet some of these women just say it cause it's what is generally accepted... young guys are cocks on legs, flapping in the breeze; hard one minute, limp the next.
Whatever. What the heck ever.

and I'm spent.
oh and please... don't write a comment saying "see this is why younger guys aren't stimulating [random discussion abotu how barbaric and immature my rant just was]" this blog is hardly who I am. No blog is who anyone is.

ERK! *pulls paper bag out and breathes heavily into it*

and I'm spent... again.

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