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A True Fantesy:

It wes a small quaint village in France.I offered to help a stranded tourist.A colleg girl on vacation,all her money had been stolen!She hade no place to stay and no way to reach her destination.With tears running down her cheek,and her hair clinging thightly to her neck from the outside rains.I asked if she needed help.A little calmer now and with a slight smile on her lips she replied,"Sure Do You Mind?"My heart melted...From then on we were togeather for 30 wonderful days!! A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way!


I Love all kinds of turn on's and all one's 'Amorous' adventures turn me on as well;'Skinny Dipping',at a private beach;(or under the cover of darkness);sounds inticeing!If I had to put them in any form of order I think it would look something like this:First I think we would 'Converse';(or 'Chat');getto know one another,'Laugh' and 'Cry' togeather...remember the song...'I'll Sing In The Sunshine,I'll Cry Every Daaaay!';that will lead in to 'Flirting';(I think that speaks for it self!);take you to my favorite;(or you'rs);place of 'Entertainment,say a 'Small Sidewalk Coffe Cafee;(of course they will have 'Music There';(live performances are great,don't know of many around here,but I 'm sure you can help me out there!);Try a few fast steps while dancing,then the 'Music' changes 'Tempo';leads into a 'Slow Intimate Dance';(what a turn on!);after enjoying each others company;(possibly until closing time,possibly before.Depends on how we feel at the moment!);now we can 'Hold Hands and 'Cuddle, on the long drive home.Upon ariving you ask me in for a 'Night Cap',I,ll accept;(because I do not want the 'Night to End Just Yet!And I have a feeling you don't either.);besides it's rainning out side;Thunder,and Lightening are adding to the 'Intreage' of the moment.);upon entering you're appartment,you ask me if I would like a 'Coffie. or something as you are 'Lighting You're Aromatic Candles';the 'Fregrant orders of the 'Inticeing' spices are gently tempting us on!);the 'moment becomes so hot,so erotic,with the 'Passions of our Love that all I can think about is...'I Need You're Loving Babe!'

Could go either way,but that would just about sum up a 'Perfact_Knight';and you know what the best part is?I'll be back,because i'm a deticated man...no one night stands for me!

Dave: LOL XXX's

A Fantasy Play:

I Am I Don Quijote de la Mancha! And Sophia Loren is my 'Dulcinea!'Not because of her radiant beauty,but because I see a pure simple beauty hidden within the heart of this poor stable madien.I must rescue 'My Lady Dulcinea' from the ravishing crouds of a harsh life,and restore Her Honor and Her Crown!I will fight giants for the safty of My Lady;wich were mere Windmills.I will take on Massive Armies for My Ladys right to the Crown of the Throne of Spain;and the armies are just a stranded group of mule traders.Upon my trusty steed 'Rocinante';a broken down mule.I will go where the 'Four Winds Of Fate Will Take Me'.Being stricken with fever and weary of bone now.I collapse into my Ladys Arms and She;realizing that I am nearing my end of days.Sings a simple song to me..."To Dream The Impossible Dream..." That is TRUE LOVE!!!

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