" New Vs. Old "  

johnnyvep 42M
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1/1/2006 6:19 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

" New Vs. Old "

Alright guys I know that were not all "mind-readers" when it comes to the age old question concerning the opposite sex. But lets give it try. Women are never wrong...right? Even when they do admit that they are THERE LYING!!! But we believe it when we look @ those eyes & lets admit it. Make up sex is so much better. Especially when we both know that the other is just full of shit.
A woman will never understand us. By the way, the guys who don't agree with the above need to get the fuck out of hear & go to Bed Bath & Beyond because I can hear your woman calling you from here. Go on you in the back making the smart ass remarks, get up hand over you "balls" to your woman & go follow the rest of the "lemmings". To the rest of you with common sense. It's really not that hard. Keep them guessing. Remember 2 things (1) she was fucking before she met you. (2) she WILL be fucking after your gone.
Now, I'm not trying to "bash" women. I myself do so LOVE the ladies!!!! And enjoy the company of a drop dead gorgeous woman. Trust me I would rather have my face between the thighs of some lovely little thing write now than writing this. However every time I meet w/friends of mine it's always the same thing, "I miss her" "she won't take my calls" "were always fighting" We live in a world where there is between 4-6 women for every guy. I myself hate math but even I got to love those figures. Wait a minute!! I'm not saying if your woman (wife,girlfriend,lover,etc.) piss you off tomorrow you go fucking around. No,no,no, like I said before "keep them guessing" the key is (drum-roll please) Charisma!!
We all (men) have it you just need to find a way to use it in everyday life. Yes you can!! Even you there with the bag of Cheeto's. You to can have Hot Monkey Love. It's a gift!! Use it. The fun part is discovering it. You'll probably screw it up the first couple of times. But you WILL get it. All you have to do is try you have nothing to lose (maybe your dignity) but were MEN who needs it when you stroll into your next big event with that lovely little thing on your arm. And you've got the "grin" that my friend is satisfaction @ it's finest. satisfaction knowing that your fucking this woman every which way from Sunday. Practice makes perfect & trust me on this I do so love to practice!!

Let me know how your training go's

rm_bi_virgin3 39M/43F
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1/5/2006 1:09 pm

This blog cracked me up...I guess I just got some insight into a man. Now do I use this info for good or evil.....lol.

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