Psychology Experiment  

johnnytechno 44M
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10/26/2005 12:11 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Psychology Experiment

What an interesting week here at AdultFriendFinder. I thought I saw it all until last week! I apparently was the subject of a psychology test (noticed how I spelled that correctly). The conductor of this test pretended that they were interested in me and then fed me lies to see what would happen. Would I tell anyone else what was said? Would I pursue this person for a sexual relationship? Would I even give a shit?

So, the results stand as this: I meddled into their life by spreading rumors and playing games and ruining their life.

Hmmm…..who is playing games? I wasn’t setting someone up for a test. I wasn’t planting lies to see how the gossip mill churned. I didn’t pretend to be something other than my true self. And I wasn’t lying about anything. Kinda funny, huh?

Here’s the best part….LOL…..even though many traps were set for me without my knowledge, I didn’t fall for any of them. I was the one who was contacted as opposed to making initial contact. I was the one who chose not to pursue anything because I had absolutely no interest, infact, I completely blew this person off because I was digging someone else. I was the one who was the last to hear about the so called life destroying rumors. And I am the one who remains here under the same name. I have nothing to hide so why cancel my handle.


So let me conclude on the results here. Even if this experiment was infact true, which I highly doubt, then I would say the conductor is crazy. Talk about playing games, that’s just pathetic. The truth is that the experiment was a cover up for a person who can’t deal with reality and has to pass the blame on someone/something else in order to cope with their personality disorder. So next time you decide to delve into science of the mind get a fucking clue you stupid bitch! And stop being so god damn paranoid about what people are supposedly saying about you. Sheeeesh!

rm_yankeesita 43F

11/5/2005 4:37 pm

hey you... why is it that you and i find all the weirdos anyway? lol. at least you can cinsider the source.... questionable at the least, considering where it came from... some people just have too much free time.

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