Oh to live life like Sponge Bob Square Pants  

johnnytechno 44M
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11/10/2005 7:55 pm

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Oh to live life like Sponge Bob Square Pants

Disclaimer....Although Sponge Bob is a gay icon, I am not gay, but I love Sponge Bob!

Ignorance is bliss in the case of Mr. Square Pants. Notice that he is always happy dispite the fact that he flips burgers for a living and lives in a pineapple. But why?

It doesn't matter why because even when he loses, he's a winner.

For instance...there is a strangler after Sponge Bob and unknowingly he hires him to be his bodyguard. Well you would think that the stranger would easily turn Sponge Bob to commercial grade kitchen scrubber, but nooo.....Sponge Bob drives him crazy doing things like making him wait while he shops, losing his house key only to be lifted up to the 2nd floor window and having his spikey cleats step into the stranglers eye socket for 6 hours. Don't worry no one was hurt in the filming of that episode! It was awesome!

Sponge bob also is somewhat connected too. Did you know that he is good friends with David Hasselhoff? He's a lifeguard and they met in a rescue operation. So the sponge knows how to party. Infact I heard that Sponge Bob and David are doing a nautical tour through out Germany singing the hits of the 80's underwater. I personally think that that concert would suck ass, but the Germans apparently dig that shit!

Anyway, I am putting together a petition to get Sponge Bob and Bugs Bunny together for a feature film....I have a few ideas for a script. Here's one:

Bugs Bunny and Sponge Bob are parters in the LAPD. Bugs is Abbott and Sponge Costello....wait that was already done to death.

Bugs and Sponge are park rangers and a poacher is in the park, no not elmer fudd!...Shit this is harder than I thought!

Sponge Bob is a gay prostitute and Bugs is his pimp! Duece Bigalow...I know!

Sponge Bob and Bugs have a dance competition in high school and they end up doing a duet for the Phil Collins song, Against All Odds. Then they end up in the pool area doing a belly flop contest.

Well I'll have to work on that, but until then try to live your life like Sponge Bob Square Pants....whatever that may mean!

Disclaimer....Post are not necessarily supposed to make any sense so if you are wondering what the fuck that was all about I apologize for wasting 2 minutes of your life.

Sweetest_Sin_Jes 36F

11/10/2005 8:46 pm

I adore watching SpongeBob! Do I care that it appears childish? NOPE! Anyone who knows me knows that I like a lot of things that kids like. Oh well, that's just me!

I have an idea for a show featuring SpongeBob and Bugs Bunny! It's called:

"Spongebob HarePants"

That's right! Bugs drowns during a week-end visit to Bikini Bottom. SpongeBob decides to utilize poor Bugs and makes some new pants out of him. Sandy Cheeks makes a nice stew. Ewww - kinda gruesome, huh? Sorry! hehe

Great post! I put you on my watched list!


johnnytechno 44M

11/10/2005 9:52 pm

I love the title!

The story is a bit chilling, but its still better than my "Bugsby and Spunch" or my astronaut themes.

Im nervous though now that you're watching me


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