Ever been recgonized?  

johnnyartist76 40M
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9/25/2005 5:15 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Ever been recgonized?

I was just thinking that. What if my mom sees my profile or the clerk at the 7-11? oh well...

mnfun952 102M

9/25/2005 5:28 pm

If your Mom sees your profile.... think the instant dirt you suddenly have on her!

maybebaby33 45M/45F

9/25/2005 5:37 pm

Ask them one simple question: What the hell were YOU doing on that site. Instant end of conversation...

bigfurrybear 41M

9/25/2005 5:49 pm

I worry about being recognized all the time. Sometimes I get looks from people on the street that I swear are "recognizion" looks. So far, though, nobody has said anything or approached me.

PailsDiverHonks 55F

9/25/2005 6:34 pm

lol, well I discovered a neighbor on here...wrote about it on my blog

BWantsItNow 39F

9/25/2005 7:06 pm

I was recognized by a co-worker and we ended up fucking several times, not so bad afterall...

I also recogonized someone else, by brother's wife...she is playing around on my brother, should I tell him or not...I have emailed her to find out what she is up to, playing someone else...we'll see..

wyvernrose 38F
3895 posts
9/25/2005 7:34 pm

yeah I hve been caught out on the site by my brother of all people

he keeps quiet I keep quiet


Goldenhairgodess 63F
396 posts
9/25/2005 7:36 pm

When I get those looks of possible recognition, I try to imagine who they might be here-what's their handle? And regardless of the look- I know it would be hard for them to know for certain. I doubt that they would dare to ask me outright.

digdug41 49M

9/25/2005 8:24 pm

If I get recognized then thats on me I got a pic of my mug up so what would I expect!

roaming the cyber streets of blogland

ChinRyder 39M
235 posts
9/25/2005 9:08 pm

Still working on a universal code for all of us to use when we run into each other. Has to be discreet so that if we are with family it won't offend, just enough so that both parties are in the know. I'll keep everyone posted.

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