Expanding on a previous post: I LIKE WOMEN  

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12/13/2005 5:50 pm

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Expanding on a previous post: I LIKE WOMEN

I DO like women. Ladies, sometimes you judge yourselves too harshly. Some of you list yourselves as "ample" when the photo evidence shows you're truly "average" or possibly even "athletic" or even "petite". I'm convinced the "fashion models" are handpicked by gay male designers who are hostile towards women. I think Rubens was a friggin' genius, myself. I like to have my arms full of woman.

Further, some of you have listed yourselves as being "unattractive", and you're afraid to show a face shot.

To me, all women are beautiful in one way or another, until such time as a woman proves herself ugly through her conduct. I've known women who were judged "unattractive" by our fickle social standards who are the most beautiful, sensual ladies on earth, and others, judged "beautiful" by the same standards, who were truly vile, ugly bitches. I think 98% of beauty is conduct, and the kind of soul you have.

Further, I enjoy slowly exploring every inch of a woman I'm making love with; this means I don't mind a few extra inches (this does not, however, include morbid and medically dangerous obesity). "Barbie" is a plastic fake with an empty head, and those are a dime a dozen. I prefer real women, again, 18 to death is fine with me. Just be who you are.

Besides, while I've never been seriously called "ugly", I'm hardly "Ken". (Good thing; poor bastard's pitifully underequipped). So where would I get off seeking absolute perfection?

Hoping to hear from some ladies who know they're beautiful, or even some who aren't sure. Join me for coffee, and I'll reassure you.

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