...and more on "discretion"  

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12/17/2005 11:56 am

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...and more on "discretion"

I realize there are a lot of polyamorists who want to go charging out into the world trumpeting their lifestyle.

We don't.

American society simply won't accept it, because of a great deal of skewed history and misunderstanding. And it may not be all that accepted even in this rather openminded venue. Ask yourself: are you ready to accept a poly rabbi or pastor? Schoolteacher? Psychologist? If you answered yes, you're more openminded than most.

Why is sex so often used in the intelligence business? First, people talk to each other when they're doing it, often on a deeper level of intimacy than anywhere else, which means they share secrets. Second, it can be a tremendous weapon. Think of how you can use a congressman who you find out is a polygynist or a pedophile, and you have pictures to prove it. Say he's from a Bible-belt state. Needless to say, you own him, lock, stock and barrel. The old Soviet Union had actual branches of the GRU and KGB which specialized in doing precisely that; gathering information in bed and compromising key figures by finding out their sexual proclivities was their MOS (military occupational specialty, for you silly-vilians).

Am I making my point about discretion yet?

Yes, we're poly. No, we're not posting it on a banner on Main Street.

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