Electric Sex Discovery  

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9/26/2005 5:38 pm

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Electric Sex Discovery

On Thanksgiving weekend I was driving around town I own a scanner
(radio), and was listening to police, fire, and medical stuff, run of
the mill. Something prompted me to punch in a bank with cordless phone
frequencies (programmed weeks before). I hadn't gone two blocks when I
picked up a conversation between two women talking about their sex
lives. The signal faded so I stopped the car and backed up till it came
in strong.

One woman was telling the other something of the fantasies she had. She
mentioned a divorce and children around leaving her no privacy (I know
how that is). The other mentioned her husband's impotency, and her
incredible frustration about it all (therapy sessions, etc.). They were
each bitching about life in general, sex in particular, comiserating,
and getting some laughs.

In the meanwhile, I had parked my car and began walking up and down the
sidewalk until I was pretty sure I knew what house one of women was in.
I guessed it was the one with the impotent husband because of the
strength of her signal, a pleasing voice, but not as husky and
outrightly sexy as her friend's. Incredibly, she said "Marcy, I swear
I'd fuck the next man who walks through the door if he isn't a total
dork." She concluded the coversation by telling her friend she was going
to go masturbate. They both had a laugh, and the phone went click!

I suppose I stood there about a minute in shock. It was a stimulating
conversation. I was excited, and nervous, a quick fantasy flashed in my
mind. And then, emboldened by what I'd heard (I told myself it was just
to see what she looked like), I found myself walking to her door, and
ringing the bell.

For a while, no one responded. Then the door opened a crack. A
slightly disheveled woman in a blue robe, tied tightly at the waist,
stood there. Her hair was uncombed, she was sweating a little. I
suddenly remembered about her going to masturbate, I wondered if she'd
finished. I babbled something about spurious radio emissions from her
house (my scanner would look like some kind of test instrument to the
untrained eye). I asked her if I could check it out. To my shock, she
opened the door and stepped aside so I could come in.

I began to walk around the living room, using my scanner like a star
trek tri-corder, as though I were looking for something. She was
pretty. Early to mid 30's, maybe 40, mediterranean or latin, about 5
foot 5 inches, thick dark hair, and what seemed, under the robe, like a
nice figure finished nicely in a big ass. In a minute I had covered the
front rooms. She had asked me what was wrong. I babbled something about
appliance interference in the neighborhood and asked if she had any
problems with her TV or stereo. She said no looking down, perhaps
suddenly embarrased by her appearance. I asked her if she had any
electronic clocks (this stuff just came out of me). She thought for a
moment then moved off down a hall. She opened a door and let me through
while she followed. I found myself in what must have been the master
bedroom. There was a digital clock on a nightstand. I waved the scanner
around it making imaginary observations.

I was stuck here. What to say next. Nothing came to mind. I glanced
behind her. Snaking from an outlet on the other side of the bed was an
electric cord. It led to something tossed under a turned down blanket, a
vibrator perhaps? I couldn't be sure. I looked up at her. She was
staring straight at me, at my crotch. I had an erection since I walked
to her door, I suddenly realized she'd noticed it.

I lowered the scanner to my side. "You're a very attractive woman" I
managed to gurgle out. She really was pretty. Her thick wavy hair was
uncombed but attractive in its own way just for that. She had beautiful
eyes, a nice smile, and a beautiful cleavage when she folded her arms in
front of her. "You're an attractive man" she replied. She was looking me
straight in the eyes now. I stepped up to her, only a foot or two away.
"I sense a tremendous sexual energy in you." As I said this I reached
out with my free hand, touched her chest where her robe opened at the
neck and slid my fingers slowly and lightly over her right breast. She
stiffened a little, but didn't move away. "I feel dizzy" I continued. "I
would do anything for a woman as sensual as you." What was I saying? It
was just coming out of me as I slowly and lightly stroked her stiffining
nipple. She took a few deep breaths, sort of pushing her breasts at me a
little bit. I continued stroking, no further words came to mind.

This went on for a while, maybe half a minute. Then she said "what would
you do?" "Anything you want" I said. There was an odor in the air, a
pungent, exciting smell of a woman's ripening lust. "I want to taste
you" I suddenly stammered. Her hands then rose to her robe belt, undid
it, and with a shrug of her shoulders, the robe fell to the ground.

Her body was lovely, womanly, rounded thighs, large but not huge
breasts, that just overflowed my hand. Big nipples, a slightly rounded
tummy, a beautiful mediterranean ass, and the most magnificent chocalate
brown mound I've ever seen completed the picture. My cock was pressed
against my jeans harder than I'd ever felt it, it hurt. I dropped my
scanner, and felt my legs buckle. I found myself on my knees staring
into that flower. I looked up. Her breasts were hanging at my forehead.
I reached up a little bit and kissed them, touching them slightly and
brushing her nipples. I turned downward, running my tongue down the
middle of her belly until I reached that marvelous patch. I reached
around and held her solid ass with my hands pressing her to my face as I
pressed my all-to-eager tongue into her valley.

She made a small sound, a gasp and tried to squat down a little bit and
spread her legs. I couldn't bend down that far, and she couldn't stand
even with my hands on her ass pressing her to me. I pulled her a little
bit, with my hands and pushed with my tongue. she fell backwards onto
the bed, her calves hanging over the side. Her legs fell open enough for
me to fit between them. I took my time now and looked longingly at that
beautiful forest. It was dark brown, filled with small tight curls that
completely hid the mystery inside it. Beginning just below her belley
button and spreading thickly to a pear shape as it disapeared between
her legs. I used my tongue to tease the hairs appart as I worked my way
deeper into that jungle. When I felt her lips, I began to work my way
between them, bringing my hands up to tease them appart. After a minute
or so of this, I picked my head up and looked at her.

She was staring straight up at the ceiling, not moving, perfectly
relaxed. I looked again at her mound, it seemed to be swelling at me,
almost breathing a little. My hands finished the job of separating her
lips and exposing her clitoris. It stood their, pulsing in a sea of
juices. I bent back down and stroked it just slightly with the tip of my
tongue. She groned then, and twisted her hips as if to hide from the
tongue's touch. Not that she was going anywhere. I gripped her a little
harder, leaning my arms on her ample hips to hold her down, and began to
stroke her stiffining clit with my second (and perhaps best) pleasure
organ. She let out a few deep breaths and began thrusting her pussy at
my tongue just a little bit. I tried to match the rythm of her swells
with my strokes as they became more demanding. After a minute she fell
completely quiet and still. I had no clue, I just kept stroking, slowly
making it a little harder, a little faster.

It seemed like a long time doing this, maybe five minutes. Then suddenly
she jerked just a little, her pussy arched she made a low moan, tensed,
then was quiet for a second, I could feel her tummy stiffen, then she
let out a loud set of quick moans, almost screams punctuated by deep
intakes of breath, while her body convulsed. She twisted from side to
side, again to escape me. My hands lost her lips, but I pressed my tired
tongue into her salty pond forcing it between her lips, darting, and
stroking until she quieted down and was silent. I stood up.

I was still completely dressed. The woman, whose name I still didn't
know, was just staring at me. I began to undress as she watched. First
my shoes and socks, then my pants. When I lowered my underware, my cock
shot out and bounced. I felt like it was going to burst. She stared
straight at it as I removed my shirt. I'm not any bigger then the
average man, but to me it sure felt bigger then I could remember it for
a while, and I got the impression she hadn't seen an organ standing at
attention for her sake in some time. She was so open and ripe I could
see her pink valley, a grand canyon, even through her now dripping wet,
ample mass of hair.

When completely undressed, I stepped up to the bed. To bring my pole to
her sopping pussy, which I wanted to feel envelope me more then anything
at that moment, I had to leverage myself on my thighs, with my knees off
the bed and my toes on the floor. I surveyed her body again, stroking
one of her breasts with my hand as I leaned over her and came to face
her, my eyes but a foot from hers. She looked right at my face. "What do
you want me to do?" she said. They were the first words she had spoken
since her robe fell to the ground. "I want to fuck you", I said. "I want
you to fuck me." She reached for my cock and wraped her fingers around
it, I thought I'd explode right then. She thrust her hips wide appart,
brought her legs into the air, and rolled her pussy towards me. I felt
her pushing down on my cock until the tip brushed the opening of her
soaking wet hole.

I pushed, and my pillar sank into the most magnificent pit I'd ever
experienced; wet, ripe, hot. Her jewel was a fire, a cauldren fueled by
passion, craving my pile's penetration. As I pulled back it drew me down
again, milking me as I sought to bury every millimeter of my throbing
ram in her burning furnace.

As I fucked her she began to snake her way a little further onto the bed
working her hips and ass in rythm with my pounding cannon. I had to pull
myself up a little with every insistant thrust. She began to twist a
little more with each drive as if pulling away, but I wouldn't let her,
I grabbed her hands above her head with mine and held them down. After a
half more minute or so she worked her feet up onto the bed and used them
to arch her back thrusting her prize into the air, and lifting me with

I had to let go of her hands to keep my balance, she brought her arms to
her side, and thrust one hand between my pubic bone and the top of her
cleft, massaging her clit. With her other hand she reached around her
ass, between her legs and began stroking my balls. I put my weight on
her, laying hard on her chest, feeling the swell of her breasts on mine.
I pulled my hands down and under her, reaching towards myself and
gripped her tensed, quivering ass. I pulled it towards me crushing her
to me each time I split her cavernous crack. I was in a precarious
position. My ankles hung off the bed, my hips rode on hers a foot and a
half in the air, and my face was buried straight down on the bed along
side her neck. I could feel her sweat, hear her breathing, and smell her
passion, but I could hardly breath, and my neck was kinked!

I couldn't take much more of this. My cock was pulsing so hard with
every impulse it actually hurt. I knew I would explode any second and I
squeezed myself shut as hard as I could to keep it going. As it was, it
didn't last much longer. I let out something between a sigh and a moan
when my dam broke. I heard her say "don't stop!", I wasn't going to
stop, come was flowing from me like water from a hose as I kept ramming
my jamb into her steaming bore. Six or ten thrusts later and I was still
feeling the end of it, I was still hard when she cried out, twice. Her
body shivered, with its second orgasm. The walls of her dripping palace
grasped my pipe, sucking from it the last drops of syrup in her spasms
of pleasure. Her legs collapsed, I collapsed too, right on top of her.

I spent another minute on top of her then rolled off. We both lay there
still breathing hard. The first words were hers. "I can't believe I did
that." "I can't either," I replied, and unprotected I thought. "For what
its worth," I said "I've been having sex with only one woman for the
past seventeen years." I looked at her then, took in her tossled hair,
the curve of her neck, the rise and fall of her breasts, and that
delicious hill of dark wet curls that again hid what I had so completely
had only moments before. She turned and looked at me. "I haven't had
real sex in almost three years," she said. "What's your name?" "Jay", I
replied, I lied. "And you?" "Linda", she said.

We just looked at one another for another minute and then she said
"you'd better go. My husband will be home eventually". I rose and began
to dress. She watched me for a while and then, when I was almost
finished, she rose and slipped on her robe.

She walked me down the hall and into the kitchen where we said our
goodbys. As I opened the door she said "will you come again?". We both
smiled at the pun. "I'm a married man with children", I said, and then
after a moment's hesitation her reply "I don't care --wait here". She
turned and went into the kitchen, returning in less than a minute with a
business card. "Call me, this number rings here. If my husband answers,
just tell him your from some county charity. He gives all those calls to
me." I took the card and looked at it. Linda was her real name. The
thought of her wanting me again made my cock tighten in my pants. I told
her I would call, told her she was incredible, walked out and headed
back to my car.

I was shaking, hyperventilating, and otherwise completely exhausted. I
also had a very satisfying, empty feeling in my lap. My hand shook as
I started the car and pulled away then, almost without thinking I pulled
over and clicked on the scanner. I caught one conversation going on, but
it wasn't her. I punched the scan button and the unit locked on a phone
ringing. I waited. The phone at the other end picked up. "Hello" said
the husky voice I recognized as Linda's friend Marcy.

I heard Linda then, a little scratchy because of my distance from her
house, but still understandable. "You'll never believe what just
happened" she said. "Before or after you beat off?" Marcy asked. "I
didn't have to," she continued, "this guy came to the door...". Linda
proceded to tell Marcy the whole story I've related above leaving out
graphic details which Marcy coaxed, and Linda only half grudgingly
revealed. Marcy said she'd like to meet me. "Most men would demand a
blow job after giving head like that", "I know", Linda replied, "I love
being fucked after I come, but you can't have him he's mine." They

When Linda told Marcy she'd given me her card and asked me to call her
again Marcy shot back "you mean you're going to see him again?". "Oh I
hope so," Linda replied. "It was wonderful! Once a month like that at
least and life with Jack the rest of the time might be bearable." The
two women talked a little longer. Marcy congratulated Linda on an
"affair well done". Linda said she was going to take a shower, then
goodbye, and the channel went dead.

I started my engine and pulled away wondering what I would do now, but
knowing, somewhere in the back of my mind that I would call her again,
in about a month.

sweeterthanhony3 53F
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9/26/2005 7:07 pm

u kept me hocked all the way an i want a conclusion did u go back

joesa1bigone1 65M
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10/22/2005 9:55 pm

Yes, I went back again for a few years after. And each time was a good as the first.

rm_hairpieguy37 79M
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6/22/2006 5:47 pm

Joe/Jay. that was one of the best stories I have ever read,(and I have read somelol) I think the fact that Linda, had a very nice hairy bush, was the point that brought me totaly into the story. That would be a REAL WOMAN!! I could see her body from your detailed discription,I could smell her womanly essence, I could taste her juices. Thank You for a great story,well told. Now "sweeterthanhony3", needs to match it. lol Come on "Sweeter" your profile says you like to expound on stories. Your turn. Thanks again Joe.

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