My first bisexual orgasm....  

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7/25/2006 2:08 pm

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8/13/2006 6:09 pm

My first bisexual orgasm....

..was accidental.

The first time I came at the hands of a woman was almost three years ago to the day. I saw that woman again today from a distance and it put a smile on my face as I remembered what happened.

Back in 2003 I was still living with my over possessive boyfriend and his jealous control streak was getting worse.

I had been trying to get "permission" from him for weeks to visit a tanning salon without success when suddenly, out of the blue, he announced that his colleague's wife was a beauty therapist and that she would be coming round to apply my fake tan.

I suppose it's a familiar story to many but for me it was a first. I had been lying on my belly naked and chatting as she applied the lotion to my bum, back and legs.

The feel of her hands running across my buttocks and then up the small of my back had started to affect me - I became very aware, very quickly that I was becoming aroused.

This was a completely new thing to me and by the time I was asked to stand up to have lotion applied to my front - my nipples were hard and my pussy was throbbing.

I often wondered if she knew what she was doing as she cupped first one breast and then another. I could never really be certain that the gentle touch of her hand as it glided down my belly and towards my pussy was intentionally provocative.

Her hand stopped just above my then tidily trimmed pubic region. I felt two fingers run slowly, teasingly down towards my clitoris and then suddenly they stopped.

As my legs and thighs had the tan applied I felt my orgasm coming. I started to shake, first one leg and then the other, within seconds I was climaxing.

I tried to hide it but it was impossible, my breasts had swollen, my chest had flushed and my breathing was almost asthmatic.

I felt her arms grip my shoulders tightly, steadying me as my orgasm swam over me. I didn't dare open my eyes.

Time passed and I felt myself start to recover, moments later her hands finished applying the lotion, much more quickly and more business like now it seemed.

I think ten minutes had passed before I opened my eyes, it felt more like two hours. When I did I saw her smiling face looking straight at me.

She gave me instructions about my newly applied tan but I never heard a word of them. I was so embarrassed I couldn't think or focus on anything else.

As she finished talking I saw that she had already gathered her things into her bag. She told me that she had to go, she had another client.

I opened my mouth, I think to apologise but she moved forward and covered my lips with her own. She left them there gently, unmoving for about two seconds.

As she pulled away from me, she allowed her tongue to run across the underside of my top lip once.

"I'll see you again Jo" was all she said as she turned and walked away.

As I said, I saw her again today, she was too far away for me to speak to and I think in many ways I was glad about that.

I don't remember any orgasm before or since being so powerful, so shocking, so totally overwhelming.

As I thought about it this afternoon I wondered how many other women have climaxed at her fingertips and did she awaken the bisexuality side of each of their psyches too?

It really wouldn't surprise me.

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7/26/2006 4:34 am

*Runs off to book a tanning session*

rm_YourDoc3 49M/35F

7/30/2006 4:54 pm

Well, well....if only I had have known what a tan can bring out in a girl! I'll supply the oil Jo, and the girl! Can you supply the excitement??? Oh, yes, I guess you can/did!!!!

Lamurian 48M

8/13/2006 5:38 pm

Can you describe some more encounters like that to "us"? You do it with a real knack. I just went from 70 at rest to 150 in A&E (Aching and Enlarged).


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