Lock up your photos... or not ;)  

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9/2/2006 4:23 pm

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Lock up your photos... or not ;)

A couple of months ago we had been out for a few drinks with friends who we hadn't seen for quite some time.

It was a pleasant evening, the men got drunker than normal as they cried into their beer about the world cup and the girls got louder than normal, so much so in fact that we were "shushed" more than once.

As the evening wore on and the men started to wilt, we decided the better option would be to return home and carry on there, where we could make as much noise as we wanted without disapproving looks.

I'm sure that you're expecting this to turn into a tale of sexual debauchery or you're expecting me to recount a night of real passion between me and one of our guests.

Sorry but I'll have to disappoint you, these "friends" aren't aware of this side of our life so nothing like that was on the cards.

Something much more erotic did happen.

Around 4AM I went downstairs to get a drink - my hangover was already starting to kick in and I felt fairly shitty.

My kitchen has a small arch that used to be a serving hatch, this arch gives a very clear view of the back lounge.

As I walked past the hatch I caught sight of one of our guests sitting on the bed settee, it was obvious he was masturbating.

Me, being me, I stopped and took a closer look.

The guest was holding one of our photograph albums in his left hand and wanking furiously with his right.

I knew straight away from the red leather cover that he had found the album we use to keep topless and slightly erotic pictures of me in.

I stood there in the dark, feet rooted to the spot as he played with himself. In the silence of the night I could clearly hear his breathing increase and the muffled involuntary gasp as he came.

I stayed where I was for a second, digesting what I had just seen before sneaking back upstairs and getting into bed.

The most ironic thing about the whole situation is that as I lay in bed that night I masturbated furiously thinking about my boyfriends friend wanking over my pictures.

The next morning the album was back in its place on the book case, the friend never batted an eye as I made his breakfast and I never let on that I had seen what he was doing.

It's our secret.

Or it was.

joengl2 40

9/3/2006 4:09 pm

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