What it was like.....wouldn't you like to know?  

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6/2/2005 2:30 pm

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What it was like.....wouldn't you like to know?

Driving, or should I say, attempting to drive on Memorial Day was more like the Indy 500 than what I expected. First I see the aftermath of a fatal car crash in Indy(people, wear your seatbelt and for Gods' sake don't drink and drive). Then, I miss my startup time for me to leave my home to travel at a nice, unhurried pace on Monday, Then I noticed I forgot my directions I wrote down that the promoter told me. So, I call my nephew, who is an IT student, and he directs me, until I hit a dead-cell zone. I went a little further, found out that by his calculations I would be late a few minutes. But I found it, all was ok, just had to do more research because no one was there to answer. So i asked questions, got answers and that was it. Then I find my hotel. Then I'm hungry for chineese, so I go out to try to find a restaurant but I didn't see any. Then the male side of me starts to show....read on.

I'm staying in Lansing, Ilinois, so I drove from hotel north up the street and I wouldn't stop until I found someplace that had snow crab legs on a buffet. I LOVE SNOW CRAB LEGS! I was not going to be denied, so I kept on driving. I drove for about 45 minutes. I start pasing by the buildings they show on screen at the beginning of a "Jeffersons" episode or the beginning of "Good Times". I keep driving, then I find that I am a bit lost. I try to find a noticable landmrk, and I see a big building with two antennas lit up on the top. I thought I may have seen this building before somewhere, but I couldn't place it. Then it hit me: It was the Sears Tower, the tallest building in the world and I wan now in DOWNTOWN CHICAGO. lol

So I knew where I was, the whole strategy is now to get back to the hotel. I thought about eating, then ironically, I drive right past Chinatown. How original Chineese can you get!!lol

I drive further before I started to run out of gas, then I went to the gas station and the guy sold me a map there. I went to West Chicago, then turned around and headed back to my hotel. All I got to eat was a turkey sandwich. Oh well, life is fun.

I got my first pedicure in my life the next day. I certainly was divverent, considering me to be the masculine straingt man I am. I got a spray on tan because I can't tan worth antying. But I looked good according to the people in charge and that is what counts. Hope it pays off. Did I look good to you?

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