The perfect date would be like this...  

joefromtheshore 46M
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4/19/2006 2:18 pm

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The perfect date would be like this...

I'm invited over to a nice guys house. I come inside
sit down on his couch. We talk a little and watch a little
porn on the tv. As I sit there, he slowly slides his hands
up my leg til he can feel the head on my cock. He squeezes the
head gently over and over til the outline of my hard cock
can been seen through my pants. He rubs his fingers over my hard cock, and then asks me to stand
up. He gets on his knees in front of me and unbuttons my pants
and then slowly unzips my fly. As he pulls my pants down my
cock stands straight out in front of me. He finishes removing
my pants off of me, and stands up and pulls my shirt up over
my head. I am now naked in his living room. He works his way back down by naked body with his mouth, lips and tongue. And works the head on my cock into his mouth. I feel his warm tongue
moving around my head and underneath my shaft. His hands
are free to roam all over my naked body. Rubbing my chest and hips. One of them slides
between my legs and rubs my ass and balls. He slowly works
his hand to the crack of my ass. I feel his fingers sliding
into my crack and spread by legs apart to give him more access.
I feel a finger gently press against my asshole, so I spread
my legs even farther apart as I feel a finger starting to
slide it's way into my asshole. He pushed the tip into
my asshole at first, then pulls it out and turns me around,
and pushes my back forward to bend me over. I feel
his hands on my ass cheeks and he spreads them. I then feel
his warm, moist tongue sliding into my asshole. This feels
incredible and I push back on his tongue. He then reaches
around and slowly strokes my hard cock.
He then stands up and asks me if I'd like to go into his
bed room. Of course at this point thats exactly what i'd
like to do. His bedroom is dark and he has a few candle lit
and there is a porno on his bedroom TV. He pushes the door
shut and we are alone in his bedroom. He then slowly strips
his clothes off and his hard cock is sticking straight out.
He asks me to sit on the side of his bed and stands in front
of me. His cock right near my face. He knows I am very new at
this, never have sucked a cock and puts on a condom. I lean forward and take
the head into my mouth. I've never had a cock in my mouth
before, but the feeling of it is fantastic. I start sucking
and stroking it and take as much into my mouth as I can. He
really enjoys that. I can tell by how hard his cock is. Slowly
stroking it while sliding
more into my mouth. I reach down and hold his balls, and squeeze
them a few time. He then pulls his cock out of my mouth, and
gently pushes me down, flat on his bed. So I am now sideways
across his bed. He then walks to the other side of the bed
where my head is, I look up and see he wonderful cock above
me and reach up and start stroking it and then pull it down
into my mouth. He leans forward as I slid back so my head is
now off the bed. He slowly slids his cock in and out of my mouth, slowly fucking my mouth. He then leans forward and takes my cock into his mouth.

We suck each other's
cocks for a while, but we make sure not to make each other
cum just yet. He takes my cock out of his mouth and pulls his out
of mine. He walks around to the other side of the bed, and
pulls me to the edge. He climbs between my legs, pushes them
up and back and asks me to hold them like that. He then takes my cock back into his mouth while working a finger in my asshole. He pulls his finger out and puts
his tongue back in my ass. After a few minutes of this, he
knows I'm ready for my first cock. He takes off the first
condom, and puts on a fresh one. He has some lube ready on
the dresser. He asks if I can get up on the edge of the bed on
my hands and knees. Knowing what is going to happen, I flip
over as my cock gets even harder. He puts some of it on his finger and
in my asshole, then slides his finger into me. After a minute or two, he pulls his finger out and coats his cock with lube. I then feel the head of his cock against my tight, virgin asshole.
He slowly rubs it around the hole. It feels great, and am excited to feel it there. I feel him push his cock against my asshole, gently back and forth. First the head goes in, then a little more. Slowly he
works his thick cock into my asshole. Once he gets in all
the way in, he just keeps it there for a minute while squeezing
my cock slowly. The he starts fucking me slowly, and then
a bit faster. His hands are on my hips pulling me into him.
I feel his balls smacking against mine. After a while he
pulls out and has
me flip over on my back and tells me to grab my legs again and
them back. He gets on top of me and slids his cock back into
my ass. He pumps his cock into my ass over and over while licking
my nipples and chest. I hold his ass and pull him into me,
I then feel him get tense and his cock start pumping cum into
the condom that is in my ass. He pulls out his cock. Cleans
up a bit and then comes back to the bed and takes my cock into
his mouth. ............
This is a fantasy I'd love to make real.

ShyWhisper2006 53F
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4/19/2006 3:44 pm

wow...that is an incredible date/fantasy...sounds wonderful...thank you for sharing it

angelofmercy5 58F
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4/19/2006 8:53 pm

Welcome to the blogs! Wow!

GoddessOfTheDawn 105F
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4/19/2006 11:37 pm

welcome to blogging....

steve917611 48M
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6/1/2006 12:29 am

mmmm...would be fun to make that fantasy a reality.

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