My fantasy with 2 other men.................  

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5/6/2006 11:50 pm

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My fantasy with 2 other men.................

I'm invited over by an older gay couple, joe and Bob. I come inside their home and am told to have a seat on the couch. There is a porn on the TV and Bob sits on my right and Joe on my left. We make some small talk and Joe comments on my legs, Since I am wearing loose shorts, my legs are showing. Bob comments on my arms and asks if I work out. I say I do. Joe puts his hand on my thigh and squeezes and rubs it. He tells Bob to feel how hard my leg muscle is and he does. Both of their hands are rubbing my thighs, inching up with each rub. I can feel blood rush ti my cock as it starts to get hard. Joe's fingers make their way up my pant leg and he brushes the head of my cock. I then spread my legs a litle farther apart and Bob's hand slides up my shorts and he feels my balls and starts to gently squeeze them.
Joe has his hand wrapped around the head of my cock and is slowly squeezing it. Bob then starts rubbing my stomach and chest under my shirt as i feel my shorts unbuttoned and zipped pulled down. My cock is now sticking straight out as Joe pulls my shorts and sneakers off. Bob works my shirt up and over my head, and I am sitting there naked between the two of them. (I like to keep my socks on) Joe slides off the coach and gets between my legs. he takes my cock into his mouth while Bob works his mouth on my chest and nipples. He makes his way down towards my cock and helps Joe suck it for a while. Joe then slides one of my balls into his mouth while Bob sucks my cock.
They then ask me to join them in the bedroom. I follow them into the room, Bob shuts the door behind us while Joe drops back down and takes my cock into his mouth. I feel something warm and hard rubbing my ass crack and see Bob naked behind me with his cock pressed against me. His hand slides between my cheeks and i feel a finger against my asshole. He works it into my ass as I lean forward. Joe is now standing in from of me also naked. I lean forward and take the head of his cock into my mouth. Slowly I stroke it and take more. Bob asks me to sit on the bed. I sut there with joe's cock in my mouth and Bob's in my hand. I then take Bob's cock into my mouth while stroking Joe's. I go back and forth between them even sucking both cocks at the same time.
Joe climbs onto the bed and sits up with his back to the head board. I crawl between his legs and suck his dick some more. Squeezing his balls and licking his shaft. Bob asks if he could fuck me in the ass. I tell him to get the lube and a condom and go for it. Still with Joe's cock in my mouth, up on my knees, i feel cool gel being rubbed around my asshole, and then feel a finger inside of my, then two fingers. Bob pulls his fingers out after he feels I'm good and ready.
I feel the warmth of the head of his cock against my asshole. He slowly pushes it into me, i feel the head pop into my asshole. It hurts a bit, but also feels great. Slowly he workes his cock in and out, a little at a time. Joe's cock is now against my face. Bob finally gets his entire shaft into my asshole and slowly pumps in and out. I take Joe's cock back into my mouth and I am full of cock. My own cock is hard and I ask Bob not to stroke it because I don't want to cum just yet.
Joe gets up off the bed and Bob pulls out of my asshole. they have me lay on my back across the bed. Bob once again climbs between my legs, pushing them up and back, and slides his cock back into my asshole. I feel Joe grab my ankles, and look up to see him standing by the side of the bed . His cock is above my head, so i grab it and take it back into my mouth. My head is hanging off the side of the bed, legs held back, a cock in my ass and one in my mouth.
Joe then gives my ankles back to Bob to hold and leans foeward and takes my cock back into his mouth. I can feel Bob's cock swell up, his body get tense. He is cumming, and it feels great inside my ass. I then start stroking and sucking Joe's cock hard, but he pulls it out, and asks if he can also fuck my ass. I say Ok. He lies on the bed and asks me to get on top. I climb on him and lower myself onto his hard cock. I am now able to go at my speed and can also grind on him with his cock inside of me. Bob then takes my cock into his mouth..this doesn't last long as i start to shoot my cum into his mouth, I feel joe's cock shoot cum into my ass.
We lay there for a bit, three cocks all drained of their cum. My ass cherry popped.

If I am ever lucky enough to met two guys and have this cum true......MMMmmmmmmmmmmm!

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